Fans Thank Zack Snyder for the SnyderVerse, As ‘Justice League’ Trends Again

It has now been eight straight days since #RestoreTheSnyderVerse has been trending on Twitter, which makes one think what’s up. Even after its release on HBO Max, the film still remains to be one of the hot topics on Twitter as the epic four-hour film goes through its almost weekly cycle of fan support.

Fans Made Sure The Snydercut Releases

Snyder Cut version of Justice League
Snyder Cut version of Justice League

Zack Snyder, who was the original director for Justice League was later replaced by Joss Whedon due to some creative differences. The original version for the all-star DCEU blockbuster has been trending all over the internet as fans outline their thankfulness for its release and the fact that they finally got to see the much-discussed film in 2021, almost four years after its theatrical release. Before this, DCEU and Snyder fans kept rallying for releasing a Snyder cut for the film, before Warner Media finally gave in and made it all come to reality.

No competition, whatsoever!

Thank you, Zack!

A masterpiece, indeed!

A special film for so, so many reasons, indeed.

This was totally worth all the fight

Thanks to the undying support of fans!

We are forever grateful

“The truest cinema”


Well, it must have been absolutely stupid for the studio to think that it will stop there although, the campaign to bring back the Snyder cut into the DCEU has given the audiences the taste of something they would never witness.

Right now, Zack Snyder has his hands full with a few Netflix projects in the foreseeable future, like Planet of the Dead, Army of the Dead: Las Vegas, Rebel Moon, and Twilight of the Gods. So, there barely seems to be any chance that Snyder will return to the Studio for at least a couple of years, and well, to be honest, given how things ended between him and Warner Media – chances are close to zero.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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