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Fans Want To See Shuri Take The “Black Panther’s” Mantle

The tragic death of Chadwick Boseman after his long fight with colon cancer, left the Black Panther fans devastated. The most sorrowful moment in recent times is also followed by a “Billion Dollar Question”. While the audience want to know who is replacing Chadwick in the next movie, most of them want to see the movie as a tribute to Boseman.

The Filming to Commence

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the sequel to 2018’s super hit, Black Panther, will begin its filming in July next year in Atlanta. The filming last for later six months according to them. Original plans were to begin production next march were delayed after the unfortunate and sudden death of star Chadwick Boseman in August. The film is currently scheduled to hit theatres on May 6, 2022.

The Cast

According to the THR’s article, “Black Panther” cast members Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, and Angela Bassett will be back to reprise their respective roles.

Tenoch Huerta, known for Narcos, is reportedly in talks to play one of the film’s antagonists. The character he is about to play is currently unknown.



Above all, what’s new is that Wright’s character, Shuri, may take on a more prominent role. It could be most probably taking over Black Panther mantle.

Shuri’s the next Black Panther?

In fact, fans all over the internet are expecting the same thing to be happening. Everyone is eager to see Shuri to lead Wakanda.

Recently after the news on filming broke out fans all around the globe are speculating that this should be happening. Some fans described that instead of the filmmakers recasting the lead character, it is better if Wright takes it over. That’s a good step though as it is a way to honor the late actor’s memory. The same thing happened in the original Black Panther comics too.

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So here are few responses and tweets by fans:



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