Fans want Vanessa Kirby as Black Canary in upcoming & Birds of Prey’s Movie

Through a mix of early bits of gossip and simply unadulterated fan hypothesis, Vanessa Kirby has turned out to be one of the names related with the DCEU’s variant of Dinah Lance/Black Canary. With the character set to show up in the forthcoming Birds of Prey film, Kirby has turned out to be one of the actors fans might most want to play the part, along with Blake Lively and Jodie Comer as other members of the group known as Birds of Prey.

If DC Executives agree with the fans or not, that remains to be seen but there’s a positive push from fans to see Kirby play the part. A few fans have been won over by her performance in the wake of seeing Kirby in Mission Impossible: Fallout, while others have been eagerly waiting for Kirby to get cast as a superhero even before the release of Fallout.


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