We finally got some uplifting news with the arrival of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. The trailer demonstrated to us that the web-throwing hero makes it out alive. It also affirmed huge numbers of the rumors making their rounds over the Internet. In any case, the trailer likewise abandoned us with numerous inquiries, remarks, and concerns. This created more rumors and opened a Pandora’s Box of unlimited potential outcomes. What will happen to our most loved hero now and what would be an ideal next step?

Spider Man: Far From Home Fan-Theories:

So, here are 4 Theories About Far From Home We Hope Come True (And 3 THAT ARE CONFIRMED):


Spider Man: Far From Home Fan Theory
Spider Man: Far From Home

In this film, Spider-Man is making a journey for Europe, but imagine a scenario in which he’s not as far from home as we think. Mysterio is an ace illusionist and rumors recommend that all that we found in the trailer is one major lie. Peter and his schoolmates are not actually in Europe. But rather are rather in one of Mysterio’s fabulous exhibitions. They’re in reality still in New York City and Peter Parker and Nick Fury essentially believe they’re fending off villains in Europe.

Some theories even say that nobody survived the snap and they’re all still in the Soul Stone. Mysterio made an illusion to divert everybody from their decimation.


Spider Man: Far From Home Fan Theory
Ned And Betty

In the comics, Peter Parker meets both Ned and Betty at The Daily Bugle. However, the MCU version of the story had them all meet each other in secondary school. It would seem that their relationship will change as Ned and Betty get together in Far From Home.

Before the trailer dropped, set photographs hovering around the Internet indicated Betty clasping hands with Ned. At that point, when we got the trailer, the majority of our doubts were affirmed.


Spider Man: Far From Home Fan Theory
Thanos- Scarecrow

The Spider-Man: Far From Homemakers have told fans that the film starts minutes after the finish of Avengers: Endgame. However, imagine a scenario where this isn’t valid. It wouldn’t be the first run through Marvel Studios deceived us to conceal an intricate plot secret.

During the trailer, we get a look at Peter’s passport and you may have seen that it’s missing the years for his birthday, date of issue, and date of expiration. Presently, this is extremely odd for a passport but could be the ideal strategy to shroud the film’s actual course of events. This could possibly put Spider-Man: Far From Home before Endgame and even before the events of Infinity War.


Spider Man: Far From Home Fan Theory
Far From Home

Spider-Man: Homecoming

demonstrated to us a completely new beginning story for Peter Parker. While the greater part of the characters and events throughout his life continued as before, there was one individual missing: Uncle Ben.

However, an Easter egg in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer simply affirmed the presence of Uncle Ben. As Peter packs for his trek to Europe, investigate his bag and you’ll see that it’s engraved with the initials “BFP.” BFP represents Benjamin Frankin Parker, aka Uncle Ben.


Spider Man: Far From Home Fan Theory
Jake Gyllenhaal- Mysterio

While a few people trust the Elementals in the trailer will be revealed as Spider-Man’s comic book villains, others feel that they aren’t even real. Mysterio can make deceptions and in this manner, some trust that the performer used his powers to make these monsters and make himself seem like a hero.

This would clarify why Gyllenhaal has said that he’s the special case who can stop the Elementals. This is on the grounds that he’s the one controlling them.


Spider Man: Far From Home Fan Theory
Spider Man- New Suit

Spider-Man: Far From Home’s trailer affirmed that Peter Parker will have two new Spidey suits in the film. The first suit is a reversed adaptation of his original suit in dark and red with a spider symbol on the back. The second suit is the one that a great many people appear to be interested in and highlights a smooth, dark design that enables him to mix in and hide among the shadows.

A great many people trust this noir stealth suit was a gift from Nick Fury to enable him to remain under the radar in Europe and maintain a strategic distance from any controversy.


Spider Man: Far From Home Fan Theory
Thanos Snap

Despite happening minutes after Endgame, the characters in the Spider-Man: Far From Home appear to be exceptionally glad and happy. Nonetheless, this appears to be extremely far-fetched for those who eventually observed the end of the universe.

In this way, rumors have surfaced that recommend that everybody is so happy as they have no clue that the events of Infinity War at any point occurred. As indicated by the rumor, the Avengers effectively returned in time in Endgame and halted Thanos from snapping his fingers.

Source: ScreenRant, Comicbook.com

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