Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

Mark Ruffalo first played the role of Bruce Banner/ Hulk in the Marvel’s The Avengers. As the avenger’s journey came to a close with the Avengers: Endgame, our dear Hulk has revealed his most favourite scene in Marvel. Await the surprise!

Mark Ruffalo who played Hulk in the Avengers series
Mark Ruffalo

The smasher’s journey

Bruce Banner had an intense journey in the Avengers series. First, he had trouble controlling the green monster inside him. But slowed managed to learn it a little bit. Things took a major U-turn when he went to outer space. Hulk completely took over, and Banner had zero control. Then Hulk refused to come at all after being beat up by Thanos and sent back to earth. By the time it was Endgame, Banner and Hulk learned to be a single being. Exactly in time to bring back half of the universe in the end game. But all through this, there was a lot of smashing.

Hulk as the smasher
Hulk, the Smasher

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Our favourite scenes of Mark Ruffalo

There are so many amazing and memorable scenes since his debut as Hulk. How can anyone forget the Hulk vs Thor fight scene in the first Avengers movie? Or the scene where he tossed Loki like a rag doll? In Thor Ragnarök, we saw history repeat, but this time it was Thor who got thrown. The list can go on. But Ruffalo’s favourite scene turns out to be a very quiet one from the very first avenger’s movie!

Bruce Banner + Hulk
Bruce Banner + Hulk

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Mark Ruffalo’s favourite scene

When Ruffalo appeared at Tokyo Comic-Con as a guest, he was nostalgic about the shoots and this is what he said:

“When we shoot the Marvel films, we’re like a family. And there’s a lot of laughter, and we eat a lot of food. My favourite, probably, the scene is when we were eating shwarma at the end of the first Avengers movie.”

When the Avengers first film hit the screens in 2012, the fans adored the post-credits scene!

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Tell us in the comments, which is your favourite scene of the Green Goliath?

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