Fearsome Fighters : Kids Edition! Superheroes And Their Friends

Artists around the world have been drawing our favorite superheroes for ages now. Not just the comic versions, but new innovative ideas have been put forward more and more.

There are many different versions – some, where artists draw superheroes during daily life scenarios or kids versions of their superhero dealing.

Another quite popular was superheroes looking in through a glass wall at their kids inside the children’s ward.

This one though imagines superheroes as kids themselves. So let’s look at these kid-sized heroes, with their superpowers.

We are sure you will fall more in love with them, just as we have!

  1. Friends Lift Friends Up On Their Backs!

Hey Bruce? You wanna fly? Hop on!

  1. Brothers Who Swing Together, Stay Together.

Brother! What is this illusion?!

  1. Superman Clark or Super Saiyan Goku?

Your planet went boom too?

  1. I am The Knight. I am Baby Batsy!

Happy Batsy, Sleepy Batsy, Purr Purr Purr.

  1. Superhero Lunch Buddies : Part 1

Friends always share food.

  1. Superhero Lunch Buddies : Part 2

But maybe not this time, eh?

  1. Run Barry, Run! With Diana on Your Back!

Just don’t mess up the timeline again, Barry!

  1. Justice League Edition : Anyone Else Wanna Jump Rope?

How are they even doing this?

  1. Justice League Edition : It’s Play Time!

Stop it, Ollie!

  1. Oh Kal! That’s Not How You Blow the Candles.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Claaaa….

  1. Avengers Edition : Teach Cap How To Play Games!

I wanna go back into the ice, guys!

  1. Avengers Edition : Pure Chaos

What is going on here?

  1. Avengers Edition : Crib Babies

Master Stark, I would like to formally resign, sir.

  1. Let’s Ride – Ghost Rider Style

I’m on a highway to Hell!

  1. Batsy and Supes Doing a Sleepover. Kind of!

Well… that went well. Let’s do this again sometime.

  1. Wow! They are So White!

Let me know when you want me to start pulling, Diana.

  1. Civil War : Stan Lee Edition

Now fight!

  1. Give Me Your Hand!

Is that metal? Can you feel? How does it feel? Can I pull it? KID!

  1. The Father – Son Duo

Not good enough! Do it again!

  1. Batsy Is Bringing Vengeance – With Milk and Toys.

Let’s have a relaxing day, Master Bruce.

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