Female Moon Knight Avatars Who Are Much Cooler Than Marc Spector

With the gaining popularity of the Moon Knight series, fans are expecting more avatars of moon knight that are much cooler than Marc Spector. As the series prolongs, fans are noticing the difference between Steven, Marc, and Khonshu. Marvel fans are also getting to see more about what makes their dynamic in the MCU so unique. 

So far, we know Marc Spector is the avatar of Khonshu and Arthur Harrow was the previous one. Khonshu expressed his interest in making Marc’s wife Layla his next avatar. Marc is seen struggling to save her love interest, Layla from Khonshu in the Moon Knight series. But along with that, it would be great to see other Female Moon Knight Avatars Who Are Much Cooler Than Marc Spector.

Jessica Spector

Daughter of Marc Spector
Unlike Marc Spector, Jessica bonds well with other team members!

In the 2001 Marvel Knights Millennial Visions, the authors had the idea of giving Moon Knight a daughter to carry on the legacy. Jessica Spector was an archeologist and trained martial artist who would discover Moon Knight’s bleeding body. After the death of Marc Spector, Jessica continued Khonshu’s fight for another generation.

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Tabitha Moon Knight
Female version of Moon Knight, Tabitha made her debut in one-shot 2099: Manifest Destiny 1998.

Tabitha was introduced as the incarnation of Moon Knight in “2099: Manifest Destiny”. In the comics, Tabitha was shown to be an ally of Doctor Strange and appeared to live in what remained of Attilan. Later, she also joined Spider-Man 2099 in fighting Skrulls.

Mariama Spector

Mariama Spector Moon Knight
Mariama Spector, being an alternate version of Moon Knight was a part of a multiversal group of Avengers led by Captain Carter.

Avengers Forever #3 introduced Avengers of Eart-818 which had Mariama Spector, the variant of Moon Knight. She was considered a “one-woman global rebellion” and the “ultimate shadow soldier.” In the comics, Mariama was a part of the Avengers and fought against the Black Skull alongside Ant-Man, Vision, Ghost Rider, Infinity Thing, and Wonder Man.

Moon Maid

Moon Maid
Mood Maid appeared in Marc Spector Moon Knight Vol 142

On Earth 9251, Moon Maid was a fish-tailed mermaid version of Moon Knight who appeared in Marc Spector Moon Knight Issue 42. She was one of the many moon knights absorbed into moonshade on his conquest to absorb all the moon knights across the multiverse. 

Ravonna Renslayer

Ravonna Slayer Moon Knight
She was also seen working for TVA in Loki but would be amazing to see her being the Moon Knight in the MCU

Ravonna Lexus Renslayer from MCU’s Loki was captured by He Who Remain and later turned into worker of Time Variance Authority. In the comic, The Kang The Conqueror, Khonshu recruited a young woman to become this era’s, Moon Knight who later turned out to be a young version of Ravonna.

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