Few Times Hulk Was Defeated In An Over-The-Top Fashion In Marvel Comics

Fans who know anything about any facet of the realm of comic book mythos know one fact beyond any dispute: the Hulk is one of the baddest characters in the Marvel universe. Many fans may not even recall the number of times Hulk was defeated. As one of the more recognizable faces in the comics, Hulk stands among a really select cast of characters that for all purposes, cannot be offed. In fact, one can easily get squashed like a grape just for trying to try.

However, fans will come across some rare instances when a villain (or a hero) manages to defeat the Hulk. It should be noted that over the years, the Hulk has had many incarnations, even alternate reality versions, all with different power, intelligence, and mortality levels. So, while it hasn’t happened often, there have been various times Hulk was defeated.

Hulk was beaten by Wolverine

Wolverine beats the Hulk
Wolverine beats the Hulk

In the Old Man Logan stories, Steve McNiven and Mark Millar tell the tale of a reality where bad guys finally get it together to utterly decimate Marvel’s heroes. Only the hardiest manage to survive, and one of them is Wolverine, who readers already know is… a devout pacifist who refuses to raise a hand in violence at all, much less pop his claws.

Eventually, Logan comes face to face with one of his old allies/enemies – the Hulk. Millar’s incarnation of the Hulk paints Bruce Banner as evil and The Hulk literally devours Logan and sits back to digest his meal, but he didn’t really account for Wolverine’s healing factor. Wolverine emerges from his belly to dramatic effect.

Hulk vs Hulk

The Hulk
The Hulk

In the Future Imperfect series, the Hulk turns mad from a combination of radiation and grief, taking on the mantle of Maestro in an alternate future. He rules his empire with an iron fist, driving the downtrodden denizens of his kingdom to use ancient technology so he can move ahead in time.

And this is when the two Hulks face off. The Hulk is young and cocky and strong, but Maestro knows what Hulk’s next move will be before he does it, eventually managing to get behind him, and snapping his neck.

Hulk gets beaten by Storm

Storm kills the Hulk in the pages of Marvel Comics
Storm kills the Hulk in the pages of Marvel Comics

Storm is arguably one of the most powerful yet underrated characters in the Marvel Universe, and she once proved it by beating the Hulk. In the issue, Onslaught possesses the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk #444, forcing The Hulk to fight Storm and the Cable. Hulk actually holds himself back in the fight, but then Storm warns the Hulk one last time not to make her get nasty.

When push comes to shove, Storm cuts loose. She even hits the Hulk with so much voltage that it literally stops his heart. Once he puts him down for the count, Storm sends a pinpoint electric shock through Hulk’s body to get his heart beating again.


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