Fifty Shades of Grey Star Jamie Dornan Reveals He Was Forced to Consume ‘A Dozen Flies’

The recently released Jamie Dornan starrer television series, The Tourist has been recently in talks. The series premiered on March 3, 2022, on HBO Max in the United States. It was seen first on BBC One in the UK, on January 1, 2022. The film revolves around Elliot Stanley, a Northern Irish man who falls prey to a car accident, only to wake up in an Australian hospital, with Amnesia. He has to connect the dots with the few clues he has and find out about his past. Police officer Helen Chambers, played by actress Danielle Macdonald helps Elliot, often referred to as ‘The Man’, with his struggles. Watch Trailer: The Tourist | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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Jamie Dornan talks about his ordeal filming The Tourist

The actor describes the series as, “I think the way it plays with tones, often so abruptly swinging from drama to comedy. Just when you think you have a handle on what’s going on, you’re proven wrong.” When asked more about his experience in filming the series, Dornan said, ” I’ve never had to approach a character before who doesn’t know who he is, so it was almost like a total opposite process for me of not allowing yourself a backstory and accepting every single discovery he has as something new. I often tried to consider myself in my most vulnerable moments, where I’ve felt lost or afraid and draw on those.”

Jamie Dornan as James Bond?
Jamie Dornan

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The actor believes that the Chris Sweeney directed series was one of the hardest roles he has been through, although was indeed worth it. He was not afraid of the sets, yet the travel to multiple locations in Australia, did have him undetermined. Dornan says that the toughest part was the environment. He adds, ” We shot in everything from baking hot days to icy cold mornings. We also dealt with consistent sandstorms. I probably consumed a dozen or more flies!”, thus narrating the extreme conditions in the Australian setback filming.

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A still from the 2022 series The Tourist

The Tourist is available on HBO Max in the US

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