‘Fight Club 3’ Announced By Chuck Palahniuk

“You don’t talk about Fight Club” may be the first rule of the Club, but well, it doesn’t apply when it’s about a new sequel to the 2015’s Fight Club 2 comic.

Author of the original Fight Club book, Chuck Palahniuk announced its 10-issue comic series sequel via Entertainment Weekly. He revealed that he will again be collaborating with artist Cameron Stewart for Fight Club 3.

Credits: Dark Horse Comics, EW

The upcoming series will continue the story of Tyler Durden, dealing with impending fatherhood, as Marla is pregnant with his child. A new enemy will be seen in the sequel and Tyler will be teaming up with the narrator of the series, who is calling himself Balthazar.

“Fight Club 3 is about what happens when you need to team up with your enemy,” Palahniuk said in a statement. “And the situation is even more complicated here, given Tyler Durden and Balthazar’s unique relationship. And, yes, bodily fluids will be exchanged.”

Fight Club 3 will be the third instalment of Tyler Durden’s story and the second to narrated in a comic book. The first Fight Club novel came in 1996, which was later adapted into a film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in 1999. The film was directed by David Kirbyer. Fight Club 2 published in 2015 and continues the story after a decade from the events of Fight Club.

The upcoming Fight Club 3 will run for 12 issues and is slated to hit the stores on January 30, 2019, with covers by Kirbi Fagan, David Mack and Duncan Fegredo.

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