Fights In Films That Lasted Longer As They Decided To Fight Fair

When you face a menacing villain, one might conclude that the characters would want to end the fight as soon as it can happen and claim the ultimate victory. However, there are many movie characters who adhere to the idea of a fight, that’s fair, a situation where one can challenge their opponent, only if the two fighters come out to be evenly matched.

Now the question remains: How does a fair fight come to fruition? Well, all of it depends on the situation during the fight. Sometimes the characters throw aside their weapons and rely on their hand-to-hand combat skills. Other times, characters rely and focus on the fight’s timing, only to ensure that their opponent stands a fair chance

Various characters who wish for a fair fight might be noble, however, they’re not the sharpest tools inside the box. A fair fight is all good, however, it usually results in a much more lethal brawl than just trying your advantages and ending the fight quickly. Here’s taking a look at some film fights that lasted way too long then they actually should have. WHY? Well, simple; the characters wanted to fight fair.


Dutch Vs. Predator (‘Predator’)


The veteran soldier from Vietnam, named Dutch (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) runs an elite team of mercenaries inside the Central American forest. When assigned to rescue a foreign officer who is held hostage by some rebels, Dutch’s mission takes an ugly turn when everyone encounters an extremely dangerous alien known only as of the Predator.

Once the Predator kills most of Dutch’s team, Dutch realizes that he could use a sort of camouflage to hide from the alien. He fights the Predator but manages to inflict only a little damage, but this move was enough for the creature to make changes to his tactics. Realizing that Dutch is quite a worthy enemy, the Predator goes on to remove his mask and weapons, and that too, totally unprompted. Although he’s an alien, the absence of these weapons makes the fight slightly fairer.

Using the various branches of the trees present there, he still couldn’t take out the beast. The Predator has Arnold’s Dutch on the run, managing to end him, but Dutch is quick to smash him under a constructed trap that he placed there earlier.

The Victor: Dutch

Caesar Vs. Koba (‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’)

Dawn of the planet of Apes
Dawn of the Planet of Apes

Caesar takes on Koba at a time when the fellow ape is still under the possession of an automatic weapon. While Caesar doesn’t ask for a fair fight directly, he tries to insinuate that Koba is weak, trying to goad his foe into throwing his device aside and take on him hand-to-hand to prove his superiority and strength.

Weapons Discarded: 

Koba decides to throw aside his automatic weapon.

Caesar manages to successfully dodge each one of Koba’s moves and attacks, eventually picking up a metal grating using it as a shield. Noticing Koba’s difficulty to fight as he is hurt, Caesar throws away his shield, waiting for Koba to swing and take the golden chance to hit right in his abdomen.

The two apes knock over and in the resulting, Koba somehow regains his weapon, but Caesar, too smart for Koba, finds a slight opening and jumps on him. Ths is hard blow knocks Koba off his footing and the ape is left dangling over a chasm.

The Victor: Caesar


Lung Vs. Colt (‘Way of the go on Dragon’)

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

As Colt ad Lung are both considered masters in martial arts, we could see an unspoken agreement about how the entire fight will proceed. The two remove their shirt and takes some time to warm up before the fight begins. If one among the two gets knocked from his feet, his opponent shall wait for him to stand on his feet before he makes another move.

Weapons Discarded: 

None of them has a tool, since they’re both well-trained in hand-to-hand combat.

The whole brawl between Lung and Colt lasted for only 10 minutes. Colt appears to be the stronger one initially. He knocks Lung down despite his best attempts to take on the fight. However, once he hit the ground a few times, Lung finds back his lost rhythm. He takes in some hard shots, but suddenly Colt starts struggling to end the fight. Lung sadly breaks his wrist and ankle, but Colt manages to get back on his feet. As Colt denies accepting defeat, Lung has to regretfully end his opponent.

The Victor: Lung

Captain America Vs. Batroc (The Winter Soldier)

The Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier

Georges Batroc is a mercenary who somehow using his wit, manages to hijack the vessel of the S.H.I.E.L.D. named Lemurian Star, demanding half a billion dollars to release the ship along with its hostages.

Batroc tries to ambush Cap while he’s in full Captain America gear. After a few ineffective punches, Batroc does mention that Rogers is more than just a shield, teasing the hero into giving up his shield.

Weapons Discarded: Cap removes the shield to his back, even taking off his protective gear and helmet, throwing it aside.

After Cap’s shield is out of the picture, the two again re-engage in hand combat. Cap eventually kicked Batroc to the ground in just a few moves. Batroc still gets up, so Cap tackles and punches him till he falls unconscious.

The Victor: Captain America

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