‘Film industry is protecting Johnny Depp’: Amber Heard Supporters Claim Hollywood Big Leagues Helped Johnny Depp Win Defamation Lawsuit Before Second Trial Begins

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial, controversial as the whole affair was, we can’t deny that millions drew entertainment from it too. The side-effect of televising each and every aspect of a serious matter is that it becomes a matter of the public domain, thus opening itself to public comments and scrutiny. The masses are not legal experts but they assumed the role of one in this case. The staunch social media campaigning was living proof.

Entertainment is provided in abundance. It had all the twists and turns of your go-to legal drama, better still the characters were real, and consequentially, so was the hatred and support. Obviously, Hollywood could not let go of such a golden opportunity to cash in on one of its most scandalous events. And, to some people’s joy while others’ dismay, we are now getting a real movie on the 6-week trial. Needless to say, one can imagine who the villain of that movie is going to be, and Amber Heard fans are not very happy about the prospect.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial - Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial film set to release on September 30
Not dramatic enough already?

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Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial – a movie

The new movie Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial is set to release on the free streaming service Tubi. The casting consists of Mark Hapka as Johnny Depp, Megan Davis as Amber Heard, Melissa Marty as Depp’s sensational attorney, Camille Vasquez, and Mary Carrig as Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft. The writer of the film is Guy Nicolucci, and the director is Sara Lohman.

Johnny Depp portrayed by Mark Hapka in Depp/Heard trial film
Mark Hapka, the actor who will portray legendary actor Johnny Depp on screen

Adam Lewinson, Tubi’s chief content officer, stated that the movie was fast-tracked into production by Tubi and MarVista “to capture a timely take on a story that became part of the cultural zeitgeist, painting a unique picture of what millions watched play out in the headlines over the summer.”

Megan Davis will play Amber Heard in Depp/Heard trial film
Megan Davis will portray Amber Heard in the film

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Amber Heard fans go wild on Twitter

The Amber army has never stopped rallying for the actress. Heard’s fans wholeheartedly believe her claims of suffering domestic abuse to be true and have stood against the popular narrative that supports Depp unanimously. This latest venture, according to these fans, is just another attempt to further exploit Heard’s trauma, and make money out of it.

Fans of Amber Heard brought up Hollywood’s alleged hypocrisy in supporting the #metoo movement while not paying heed to Heard’s side of the story.

The film’s overt innuendo was also questioned by a fan who claimed that there could have been slight hope of an unbiased representation but the lead actor’s social media post suggests otherwise.

The livid fan even questioned the court’s integrity, implying that the system of justice is seldom successful in imparting impartial justice.

In trying times with no work prospects, debts, and negative net worth, if Amber Heard has anything, it seems to be her fans who refuse to leave her side. They rallied for her place in Aquaman 2and it looks like the actress will stay, although for terribly different reasons.

For now, this film is at Heard fans’ gunpoint. Only time will tell how successful it will be in portraying the truth of the case, or will it just be a sensationalized flick?

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Source: Twitter, Variety

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