‘Filtering is lying…it’s destructive, inaccurate’: $80M Worth Reality TV Star Bethenny Frankel Blasts ‘Irresponsible’ Kim Kardashian Photoshops That Make ‘American moms feel insecure’

The Kardashians are infamous, and not for any one reason. Their unparalleled ability to buzz people off has no comparison. It can truly be classified as a god gift. But that isn’t the only gift they have. Arguably so, the Kardashians’ biggest trait is their social media persona. The reality stars have managed to remain a part of the conversation when it comes to fashion. And they have sometimes taken their obsession with fitness to insane levels. Not just for themselves that is. But for the whole world in general.

Bethenny Frankel shows the stars of this world a mirror

Bethenny Frankel has a clear message for the ‘stars of the world’

The Kardashians have set a standard. In every picture they post, trends are being made, and what looks a person aspires for, changes by the second. But a question comes in front of us. How real is the flagpole you’re chasing like anything? Is it not a fabrication? A trick that your mind is playing on you.

Bethenny Frankel has come forward, all guns blazing to answer that very question. And the ex-RHONY star had some interesting views to share. In an interview with TMZ, Frankel elaborated on her claim regarding photoshopped pictures and tore into the Kardashians.

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Bethenny Frankel tears into the Kardashians

The Kardashians
The Kardashians were specifically called out by Frankel

When caught in NYC, she clearly called out three Kardashian sisters – Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. The allegations? Using their unlimited wealth for the purposes of making themselves look good by whatever means possible.

The Kardashians have an aim. To create the ultimate Instagram presence. And according to Bethenny Frankel, they have a very vivid modus operandi. They opt for cosmetic surgery to maintain their bodies and look as timeless as possible. And when even these fall short, they turn to editing pictures. That is how a perfect, marketable social media page is born, a page that sells. And it is that page which tricks women into believing that they are falling short of the standard. And even young girls are falling into their trap. 

Women of the World, Beware

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel issues a warning to all the women out there

The result of following this page? Women will become obsessed with their bodies and might even become depressed. American women are beginning to become more insecure about their bodies. If things were to continue as they are, Frankel is worried about her 12-year-old daughter as well, who could very easily develop an eating disorder or depression.

And it’s not just limited to them. Frankel took to social media to shine some light on what’s happening with celeb accounts, and how edited their pictures are. It’s not that she has a problem with makeup or plastic surgery. All she asks for is openness on the wrongdoers’ side. No one will get anything from all the lies. If only the Kardashians of the world got that.

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Source: TMZ

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