Final Round: 8 Toughest Superhero Video-Game Bosses, Officially Ranked

Comic books and superhero games have been there ever since video games came into existence and while most of these games haven’t been the best around, it hasn’t held the creators to make more. There have been dozens of games but only a few stand out as noteworthy. Superheroes always tend to have dangerous and powerful enemies and defeating them in a game can be equally tough sometimes.
Today we will tell you about those characters in video games that are the toughest to defeat and let us know in the comments section below if you’ve faced any of these ever.

8. Magneto: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Magneto is a powerful character who is larger than life itself and the boss fight on Asteroid M in Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an example of that.
The fight takes place between Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man as they take on Magneto.
The player here needs to fight Magneto’s minions while dodging his attacks while taking on the mutant by attentively switching characters. This battle is tough as Magneto is armed with various crafted weapons and attacks the opponent constantly.

7. Deathstroke: Batman: Arkham Knight

The fight between Batman and Deathtroke is always the one to look out for and this fight often turns out to be frustrating than challenging for the player.
In this, Batman doesn’t go one on one with him but instead has to fight against his tanks using his Batmobile. This requires a hell lot of careful driving in circles until the player has the chance to take out the tank.

6. Apocalypse: X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

The final boss fight in this game is obviously against Apocalypse and he isn’t someone you can defeat simply. He enters his lair and engages the ancient Mutant, who attacks the player with everything he has.
To defeat him, one must keep swapping between the characters and fight him. He an easily fight more than one opponent so it’s important to diversify and switch between characters. Once beaten, he comes back, bigger in size. Tough, isn’t it?

5. Bane: Batman Arkham Origins

While battling someone like Bane, one has to have a tricks up his sleeves. Bane even broke Batman’s back in the comics and since then they’ve battled on various occasions and in the game, Bane is one of the hired assassins by Joker to end Batman and the battle between the two is nothing short of intense.
Bane interrupts Batman when he’s beating the Joker and the fight goes on well, until Bane gets juiced up thanks to his Venom and the fight looks more of a brawl where one needs to dodge a lot.

4. Galactus: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Defeating Galactus can never be easy; whether it’s the game or the comics. In the game, Galactus wants to eat the planet and the player has to blast and destract him using Silver Surfer.
In addition to this, the player has to dodge various attacks while running around simultaneously. The battle contains more than one phase and it’s easy to get defeated if you’re not paying much attention to Galactus’ moves.

3. Technodrome: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The boss in the game was Technodrome Guardian whom one had to defeat to complete the game. The game was launched by Konami in 1989 and this is considered as one of the most difficult battles ever.
To defeat Technodrome, one has to attack different areas at the given times. Defeating the Technodrome allows the player to enter it to continue the game.

2. Mr. Freeze: Batman Arkham City

Mr. Freeze is one of the most tragic and powerful enemies faced by Batman ever and in the game, the player has to fight Freeze who wants Batman to rescue his wife from Joker in return of the formula.
The player here, needs to stun Freeze in five different ways and this would’ve been easier if it didn’t hide. This requires a lot of time, patience and strategy.

1. Final Boss: Silver Surfer

The original Silver Surfer game for Nintendo is one of the toughest and hardest superhero video games ever made. Once the player reaches the final level after, he has to face a character which may be called Mister Sinister though it’s never stated who he actually is.
If you touch anything, you will lose and this makes it all the way more difficult as beating the big purple boss seems like nothing easy but even reaching onto its final level is a really tricky task.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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