‘Finally, We Are Seeing Equal Help For Male Victims’: Fans Praise Bar That Sells ‘Johnny Depp Shots’ Men Can Order As Signal They’re Victims Of Domestic Abuse

For several weeks, the main topic of discussion on the internet was the legal drama involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Discussions about it just won’t stop, despite the verdict’s finality. Males who may be in need of assistance can utilize this as a cue from the company after requesting a Johnny Depp shot.

A bar creates a Johnny Depp shot

Johnny Depp shot - a signboard within the bar
Johnny Depp shot a signboard within the bar

A bar has devised a creative strategy to attract visitors by claiming to serve “Johnny Depp shot.”

Additionally, it shows the three different kinds of shots that a customer can order: near, on the rocks, and with lime. After a customer requests a clean Johnny Depp shot, he is to be securely moved out of the pub by an employee. The personnel will be instructed by the other two choices to either contact a taxi or the police. Everything is done “discreetly and without fuss” according to the end note.

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Will the Angel shot and Johnny Depp shot be universal or will they be divided by gender?

Angel shot signboard
Angel shot signboard

The “Johnny Depp shot” is essentially a call for help at the bar. Such covert methods are widely used abroad, and many people have benefited from them. A “Johnny Depp shot” is one such technique that customers visiting the bar might call for help while exercising caution. A person visiting a venue may need assistance from which they need an escape route.

This starts to put up a controversial conversation among the people who are concerned about the future of gender equality. Should there be more shots for other genders as well or is the angel shot and Johnny Depp shot universal? Even after specifying that these are aiming to aid female and male victims of abuse?

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The bar has raised awareness for male victims throughout the world in one fell swoop

Depp in court.
Actor Johnny Depp in the courtroom.

The picture grabbed the interest of the actors’ fans. “Absolutely amazing! Abuse is not gender related.” exclaimed one enthusiast. “This is the right step to take.” The words of another were, “amazing initiative” while another said it was “unnecessary as they can directly go to the police to report.

Even Twitter users joined in on the topic, praising the bar for the initiative they have taken to promote awareness for male victims of abuse.


While many people praised the plan, multiple social media users criticized the bar for naming the cocktail after Johnny Depp. The actor’s recent defamation battle against his ex-wife Amber Heard, in which a jury awarded Depp USD 15 million and Heard USD 2 million, is the subject of criticism. All claims must be resolved right away.

Source: TimesNow

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