“First day of shooting, Tom, what did we do? We jumped off a building”: Mission Impossible Star Rebecca Ferguson Won’t Forgive Tom Cruise for Making Her Do Stunts While She Had Vertigo

Tom Cruise is not just another human. Looking at how he has aged, what are the things he has done, and the things he has been doing, one won’t be wrong to assume that he doesn’t even fall under the category of one. His attitude and passion are unreal, something which his co-stars have not found easy to cope with. And who could fault them? Doing stunts right off the bat is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rebecca Ferguson was going to find that out the hard way. In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, she shared a crazy anecdote about her first day on the set of Mission: Impossible 7.

Rebecca Ferguson shares her story on The Graham Norton Show

Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson shares her story

In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, the cast of the latest iteration of the Mission: Impossible franchise were talking about their experiences of shooting. And Rebecca Ferguson might have had the most interesting one. The Greatest Showman star shared how she had fared on the first day of the set.

Graham Norton was asking her how she had coped doing all the stunts in the movie, despite having vertigo. He said, “Even when you did the last movie, you seemed quite unsuited. I mean, you did suffer from vertigo going into these.” Ferguson couldn’t help but agree with him. But her vertigo didn’t mean that she would have it easy.

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How she coped with jumping off a rooftop on the first day of the shooting?

Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson couldn’t help but curse while shooting the fall

The Dune actress had to do a mammoth stunt on the first day of shooting Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – she had to jump off a rooftop. She said, “And the first day of shooting, Tom, what did we do?” The actress asked her co-star, to which Cruise replies, “We jumped off a building.” And the actress retorts back, “First day of shooting.” And she was clearly not ready for that.

The 59-year-old showed her a photo of the stunt, in which she could be seen jumping along with the Top Gun: Maverick star. It’s obvious that she wasn’t having a good time while getting the picture clicked. She said, “That’s me swearing and shouting the naughtiest words ever in your (Tom Cruise’s) ear.” 

Who would blame her?

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Tom Cruise doing Tom Cruise things

Tom Cruise
This is how Tom Cruise ‘welcomes people’

But the best part was still to come. The Doctor Sleep actress remembered what the Eyes Wide Shut actor said when the sequence was over. She said, “And then we jump off, and he looks at me in the most Tom Cruise kind of way and he goes, ‘Welcome to the Mission’.” That is Tom Cruise for you.

He did say that he hadn’t done anything of the sort. He recollected, “I don’t remember saying that. I don’t remember saying that. No way. That is way too cheesy, I would never say that.” 

But everyone around him was quick to deny that.

Watch the video here:

YouTube video

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