First look at Darkseid released by Zack Snyder

When Justice League hit theatres many fans were disappointed, the movie didn’t feel right, Zack Snyder’s vision didn’t feel complete, since then hundreds of Facebook and Twitter pages/groups called ‘ReleaseTheSnyderCut’ have been active. One fan in particular raised over 20 thousand dollars to promote the Snyder Cut at San Diego Comic-Con (half goes to Suicide Prevention)

Zack Snyder himself uses a social media website called ‘Vero’ where he answers many fan theories about his original 3 and a half hour cut. Earlier today Zack showed us a Cyborg picture in the mother box with his family, unfortunately this scene didn’t make the final cut of the movie. Just moment ago Snyder himself showed us a glimpse at… Darkseid!

Although fans are speculating that the picture is fake we at Animated Times can officially confirm its real alongside director Zack Snyder who posted the picture on Vero.

What does this mean?
Unfortunately don’t expect a Justice League Director’s Cut anytime soon, with Snyder posting plots/images and Behind the Scenes it’s become less likely that Warner Bros. Will spend a large amount of money to finish Zack’s original story. However for DC Universe their new streaming service, Reports are stating that the streaming service is failing with bringing in memberships, an ultimate Justice League Cut may give them the boost they need.

Snyder also hinted that certain Green Lantern characters would show up during the movie, Ray Porter was confirmed to voice the big bad of the DC Extended Universe, it’s unclear if Porter or Green Lantern characters will appear in future DC movies! It’s also rumoured that Ezra Miller who portrayed The Flash and Ray Fisher who played Cyborg wouldn’t return to the DC Extended Universe Franchise.

Many fans hope that they will see the Snyder Cut, unfortunately Warner Bros. And DC will NOT be attending Comic-Con this year making it less and less likely that the Snyder cut will reach the light of day

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