First Look Of My Policeman Starring Harry Styles Released

Good news for all Harry Styles fans! The first look at My Policeman is finally here. The Amazon movie sees Harry Styles playing Tom, a police officer who is struggling with his conflicting identities in Brighton, 1957. Emma Corrin portrays Marion, who is Tom’s girlfriend, as her beau has a secret relationship with a museum curator.

If you love period pieces, then My Policeman is the thing for you. The movie is based on a novel by Bethan Roberts of the same name. Amazon also released some images from the movie recently.

My Policeman
My Policeman

While appearing in an interview with Vanity Fair, the director of My Policeman explained where Tom’s character comes from. During that time in history, homosexuality was considered illegal, so the strained relationship with his career and wife is quite understandable.

“The whole point of Tom is that he is a character who is confused,” Grandage said. “It’s made more problematic by the fact that he’s a policeman, and he’s in a career that is about upholding the law. And the law in the country at the time is about everything he feels — the complexity of it is something that whoever was going to play younger Tom and older Tom needed to somehow understand and absorb.”

Harry Styles Fans Are Going Bonkers!

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

For many fans, it is just exciting to see what Styles brings on the big screen. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he made an appearance in Eternals. Even producer Nate Moore spoke about the magnetism of the pop star.

My Policeman
A still from the set

“‘You’re just like, I love this guy. I love this guy. I don’t know what it is. I love him.’ He’s funny. He’s charming. He’s nice to everybody. He is kind of Eros,” Moore explained. “And so, it was an easy conversation. I think for him, it’s bigger risk for Harry Styles to be in this movie than for us to cast Harry Styles. Because he has such a specific fan base and he’s a musician, and now he’s becoming an actor, but that’s not necessarily his core thing. And to take a flyer on this really random character that he also knows is vaguely problematic, I think was sort of a bigger leap of faith for him. But I think the notion of Eros in the MCU going forward is so much fun. It’s totally worth it.”

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