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5 Unsuccessful CGI Moments in Star War

CGI is a prominent tool that can produce wonders by unlocking a virtual world that creates WOW moments among Spectators. 


George Lucas’s Star Wars never aborts to amaze us with its CGI effects, outfits, puppets from the original film to the latest ones. The mixture of practical and digital products that built the Star War trilogy looks remarkable, and it still holds up today.


While the majority of Star Wars CGI looks pleasant, some are straight forward and annoying. Here is the list of five worst CGI moments in Star Wars. 

Digital Princess Leia

Princess Leia CGI

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story successfully refurbished the deceased actor with CGI. This modified version of Princess Leia is deplorable. 

Carrie Fisher’s face superimposed over the face of stand-in actress Ingvild Deila was quite similar to how they recreated Tarkin. 

It’s animation is rubbery, and her resemblance is off. Optimistically this character appears at last and does not impact the entire film.

You can watch the scene from here. 

Star Wars: A New Hope (Special Edition):-

Han Solo and Greedo scene

In the Native version of the movie Han Solo (Harrison Ford) defensively shoots Greedo dead. Han killed the bounty hunter down before he can fire by himself. 

In 1997 (Special edition), they literally made Greedo fire initially, and Han shifted his head to side digitally before the fire. 

Successive revisions alter the speed with which Hans fires back, while the 2019 Disney version primarily re-edits the scenes into horrible commotion. 

You can watch it here.

Haydon’s Force Ghost:-

Obi-Wan, his father, Anakin, and Yoda.

At the end of the movie Return of the Jedi, Luke spotted three Force ghosts: Obi-Wan,  his father, Anakin, and Yoda. 

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In the original movie, Sebastian Shaw played the character of Anakin, which got replaced with Hayden Christensen. 

It was a mixed-use of the CGI and did not look that bad indeed, but it is discriminatory to shaw as there is no need to replace him. 

You may watch it here.

Jabba the Hutt: A New Hope (Special edition)

The character of Jabba the Hutt does not appear in the original Star Wars: A new hope, but it was present in the special edition while talking to Han Solo. 

Jabba in special edition

Lucas was not able to add Jabba’s Character in the native film due to a budget issue. But in the 1997 special edition, Lucas restored the scene with CGI effect, yet Jabba’s personality was repulsive.

Thankfully, Lucas re-did that scene in 2004 where Jabba looks far better like a genuine living being than the digital one. 

You can watch the scene here.

Star Wars: Attack OF the Clone:-

Attack of Clone Animal scene

It is one of the worst CGI used by George Lucas in the Star War series as its set-pieces were purely CGI elements rather than practical and digital effects. 

The appearance of Animals was like a shiny video game and looked like Cringy. 

Though it was for a brief moment, leave a mark in the Audience’s mind. 

You can watch the scene here.

Sources:- Whatculture, Screenrant



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