Flash Theory – Answered by Zack Snyder!

Justice League movies, even after years of their release, don’t have fans anywhere close to bored, talking about them.


Zack Snyder - Justice League
Zack Snyder – Justice League

Justice League is one of those few comics that always leave its fans wanting more of it. Zachary Edward Snyder or as we all call him, Zack Snyder was behind Justice League movie as its first project director.

The Flash Theory

Zack Snyder - Justice League -Flash
Zack Snyder – Justice League -Flash

Rumours had that Flash of The Justice League, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will be witnessing the members of League badly failing in preventing the Unity with the Mother boxes. Hence, Steppenwolf will get to complete his mission.

So, Flash will be using the Speed Force. He’ll travel back in time and then reset things. This will give the Justice League one more shot at defeating their adversaries.

The Teaser

The Justice League teaser that apparently wasn’t even there in the movie, was also a questionable topic. The scene where, Wonder Woman says in the line where Bruce says that he was right there when Barry Allen came to him and said that ‘Lois Lane is the key,’. When Wonder Woman says that ‘She is, to Superman. Every heart has one.’

Zack Snyder’s Part of Story

Zack Snyder - Justice League
Zack Snyder – Justice League

Internet was recently flooded with hashtags demanding to release The Snyder Cut. Zack Snyder has recently answered some internet questions regarding Justice League.

The Original Idea

Zack Snyder shared that the original Justice League which he and Chris wrote, has never been shot even. The actual, hard and scary idea, was never filmed.  The studio never supported the idea and felt that it was just, ‘Crazy!’

With immense love that fans deliver to Justice league and the continuous demand. Maybe we could even picture all this in theatres, who knows.

Do you know who is DC’s Fastest Speedster? Watch to find out.

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