Free Giveaway 2020 by Epic Game Store

2019 had been good for some and better for many, but it had been the best year for Epic Games Store. That is why they want to make everyone’s New Year, 2020 the happiest. Check out the details to bag some of the happiness.

Free Giveaways in 2019

The Epic Games had a successful financial year in 2019. The most of the credit for the success goes to the giveaways they offered. They offered free games for PCs that too every week. Sometimes they gave away one game and then they progressed further. They also gave two or more games all together at one time and sometimes they offered several games over a specified period.

Giveaway 2.0

The happiness is being continually spread with Epic Game Store’s decision of giveaway for this year also. They have made an official announcement through a blog post in which they welcomed the customers to come and claim their favorite game, and once the game is declared, they can also keep it forever. The big decision is the aftereffect of the successful year 2019. This year even, customers can claim their favorite game every week. The game will be theirs to keep forever, and the offer is for the whole year of 2020.

Epic Game Store

The Epic Game Store is a storefront for electronic game items. It offers people to buy video games for PC. As per their reports, their giveaways included 200 million free games which were claimed in 2019. A considerable amount like 620 million dollars was spent by the players at the Epic Game Store last year, and it has about 108 customers in total. Which makes it about 5.75 dollars from each customer which is not bad because Epic Game Store is a new name in the gaming business.

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