With the commercial ad industry coming up with new marketing strategies each day, it is hard to engage your audience with something unique in those few commercial moments. Each day you see new companies coming up with new products that are highly eye-capturing with their unique advertising style. It is essential to play the game wisely in such a scenario.

               Talking about playing the game, there are two handsome guys out there to whom we can say “well played!” after watching their recent Commercial for a Coffee named “Laughing Man.” It’s acted on-screen by none other than our Wolverine- Hugh Jackman, and the voice-over of the Ad is done by his longtime pretend “frenemy,” our very own Deadpool- Ryan Reynolds.

The Details

               The Commercial shows how a good coffee cup helps revive a happy person from a grumpy, moody human being. The Ad is of a Coffee company named “Laughing Man,” founded by Hugh Jackman himself with a motive to do a noble cause.

The opening scene ofthe Coffee Ad
The opening scene of the Coffee Ad

               The Ad starts with Jackman waking up rather grumpy and throwing away the alarm clock. He then shouts very rudely to the neighborhood kids chattering at the window, telling them to keep quiet. This was not enough; he even commands his cute little dog to walk on his own. Jackman is very grumpy and mad at everything around until he sips his first cup of Coffee. The Ad depicts the sudden transition of a person’s mood after they have this Coffee, which should be the very first thing in the morning to kick-start a beautiful day.

Grumpy Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman waking up all grumpy in the morning


Jackman shouting at the kids
Jackman rudely shouting at the chattering neighbourhood kids


               The video has gone viral with more than 3.4M views on YouTube now. More than Hugh Jackman’s performance, the audience has given a hilarious response to the voice-over done by Ryan Reynolds.

A still shot from the Coffee Ad
A still shot of Jackman from the Coffee Ad showing the sudden change in mood after having the first sip of “Laughing Man” coffee

The Goodwill Ambassador            

  Not only the Commercial, but the story behind the company is also exciting. In 2009, Hugh Jackman visited Ethiopia for travel purposes, where he came across a young coffee farmer named Dukale, who was working day in and out to meet his family’s ends. Jackman got so much inspired by his story that he decided to launch a company where farmers like Dukale, living in developing countries, get their deserving marketplace to sell their goods to consumers in the United States. That’s when, in 2011, the company named “Laughing Man” was launched. The company donates 100% of Hugh’s profits to support fair trade farmers. The Laughing Man Foundation supports community development, education programs, and social entrepreneurs around the globe.

A sudden changeof mood after having "Laughing Man" Coffee
Jackman depicting the sudden transition of a his mood after he have this Coffee.

               Jack Hughman is the Laughing Man’s co-founder, along with David Steingard, a former Brooklyn criminal prosecutor. Both Jackman and David are a real example of how an individual business can help bring positive changes in the world.

               We are 100% sure that the Coffee is fantastic, but the hilarious thing about the Commercial is how Ryan Reynolds had narrated the script. He stole the show by trolling Jackman in the Commercial’s narration, adding his personal touch of humor, which we all love.

Online Trolling by Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds trolls Hugh Jackman on Twitter

We just adore these two guys!! What about you?

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