FRIENDS: Breakdown Of Ross & Rachel’s Relationship Timeline (With Episodes)

One of the best story arcs in the comedy sitcom FRIENDS was that of Ross and Rachel. They went on and off again but they eventually came back together proving that they’re each other’s lobsters (Phoebe reference). A relationship to root for is something that we all look for in a sitcom, right? For example, Jim-Pam from The Office, Donna-Eric from That 70s Show, etc. And when it comes to FRIENDS, we have story arcs like Monica and Chandler, and Ross and Rachel which is the most known one. So, let’s break down their relationship timeline episode-wise. Check it out!

Brief History Before The Show

FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel complete relationship timeline
FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel complete relationship timeline

They met each other in high school. Rachel is best friends with Monica at the time and Monia and Ross are siblings. Even though Ross was in a higher grade than him, that didn’t stop him from crushing over Rachel. But back then, she would just consider Ross as her best friend’s older geeky brother. As life went on, Rachel lost touch with Monica and Ross before she finally bumped into Monia a year before the pilot episode. To much surprise, Ross told her that he had a crush on Rachel. Now, let’s begin their relationship timeline.

Complete Relationship Timeline Break Down

FRIENDS: Ross-Rachel story arc
FRIENDS: Ross-Rachel story arc

Season 1: ”The One With The East German Laundry Detergent” 

Rachel kisses Ross out of sheer excitement as this was the first time she stood up to someone, courtesy of Ross.

Season 2: ”The One Where Ross Finds Out”

They get into a heated argument at the coffee shop about their feelings, and they end up kissing each other. This time rather passionately.

Season 2: ”The One With The List”

Ross makes a list of Rachel’s pros and cons which offends Rachel to the maximum extent. Rachel cannot stand Ross anymore and it feels like something died before blossoming.

Season 2: ”The One With The Prom Video”

Rachel watches the prom video and lets herself go as she accepts Ross again and kisses her.

Ross & Rachel Finally Commit To Each Other

FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel prom flashback
FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel prom flashback

Season 2: “The One Where Ross And Rachel… You Know”

Finally, Ross and Rachel do the deed.

Season 2: ”The One Where Old Yeller Dies”

Finally, the couple says “I love you” to each other.

Season 3: “The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break”

In a heartbreaking twist and epic acting by both the actors, their characters take a break from each other after a failed anniversary celebration.

Season 3: ”The One With The Morning After”

Rachel realizes that taking a break is stupid but Ross sleeps with the Xerox girl and this kills the idea of them ever dating again.

Post-Break Up (Season 3-6)

FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel on-off relationship
FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel on-off relationship

Season 3: “The One At The Beach”

Rachel confesses that she still has feelings for Ross and likewise.

Season 4: ”The One With The Jellyfish”

They get back together, but only for a brief time.

Season 4: ”The One With Joey’s Dirty Day”

Not a relationship, but they start to get along where Rachel tell Ross to take Emily out.

Season 4: ”The One With All The Haste”

Ross and Emily announce their engagement.

Season 4: “The One With Ross’ Wedding, Part 1” 

Rachel admits she’s still in love with Ross and flies to London.

Season 4: “The One With Ross’ Wedding, Part 2”

Ross says, “I do, Rachel.” And the rest is history.

Season 5: ”The One With The Yeti”

Ross chooses his friends over Emily and ends their marriage.

Season 5: ”The One In Vegas, Part 2”

The duo gets drunk and marries each other in Vegas.

Season 6: ”The One With Joey’s Porsche”

Ross & Rachel finally file for annulment.

Ross & Rachel Have A Baby

FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel have a baby, Emma
FRIENDS: Ross & Rachel have a baby, Emma

Season 8: ”The One After ‘I Do’”

Rachel confirms that she’s pregnant.

Season 8: ”The One With The Red Sweater”

Dramatically, it’s revealed that Ross is the father.

Season 8: ”The One Where Rachel Is Late”

Rachel gives birth to their daughter, Emma.

Season 9: ”The One Where Monica Sings”

Rachel moves back with Joey.

Then, throughout the end of Season 10, they realize that they have always been important to each other and Rachel cancels her plans of moving out. They are then back together, redefining the concept of a happy ending.

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