Friends Memes That Will Get You More Excited For The Reunion!

Almost everyone on this planet loves FRIENDS. Despite the fact it came out in 90s, it still never gets old. It enjoys immense fame, popularity and love not only in the USA but around the world. Even till this day it is being enjoyed by fans regularly.
This classic series still continues to impress younger generations thanks to Netflix.
These six friends and their funny instances will always make you laugh no matter how many times you have watched the series.
The fan’s love and attachment to the characters and show have lead to a reunion; “Friends: The Reunion” which will be airing on 27th May 2021 with great additional guest list on the HBO MAX.
Here are some hilarious memes to remind you that friends will be there for you!

10.  The One Where Someone Dislikes Friends

This would be ideally any FRIENDS fan if they come across someone who doesn’t enjoy the show. And we agree with Ross’ reaction to it! How can someone dislike this classic show!

9. The One Where “Friends” Have Your Back

All of us have a few set of friends/ squad who always have our back no matter what it is.
Especially when we upload a new picture, they are the first ones to like it.
Phoebe’s sass is all of us.

8.  The One Where You Are Done With Fuckboys

This is relatable to most of us. We have all been at a point where we were tired of our boyfriends and just decided to marry our female friends.
The friendship, understanding and love between Rachel, Phoebe and Monica are goals and most of us crave for.

7.  The One Where You Are Hangry

We all know Joey’s love for food and how crazy he can get about the same. And in such instances we can’t even blame him. When you are extremely hungry and someone keeps talking to you, it definitely is annoying.

6. The One Where You Are Lazy

Phoebe is our soul animal at times. The more you watch the series, the more you realize she is probably the sanest one. And we have been at the point where we didn’t want to do anything.

5. The One Where Pizza Makes Everything Perfect

Rachel understands and is just like all of us. Life gets tough, you try hard but don’t succeed and you reach a saturation point and all you want to do is order a pizza.

4. The One With The Annoying Friend

Trips with friends are really special… it is more about living the moments, creating memories and having good times! But on every trip there is this one annoying friend who has to click pictures of everything.

3. The One With Bag Of Chips

This isn’t just with humans; be it animals or even toddlers… the moment you open a bag of chips,  anyone within the radius will come running and ask you for some.

2. The One At The University

We feel you Chandler. It is really easy for our friends and families to give us a guide on how to survive college/university. But only we know how difficult it can get.

1. The One In Pajamas

Probably one of the most epic and relatable line said by Chandler.
No one wants to and should move on Sundays!
We can’t wait to see the cast together again!

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