Friends say Goodbye to Netflix

Friends say goodbye!

New years day is the day of joy, original year resolution, and champagne parties. But for Friends fans, it is a day of heartfelt sorrow as Netflix removed it from its streaming sites. The long-run success show has been streaming for a long time. This means this is an end to the instant access fans got at the end of the day.

The arrival for the year 2020 meant one thing for all friends fans, and that is the removal of all ten seasons of friends from Netflix. The show was one of the most binge-worthy and chill shows for everyone of all ages across the globe. The show is said to be not permanently removed but definitely for the time being.

What about the license?

Netflix had acquired the license to stream Friends a few years back. The streaming platform had lost a series a year back when the streaming contract was expiring, but Netflix made the 11th-hour deal at the end of 2018 to continue streaming Friends for a year-long again with a small-time fee.

So will it come back?

Friends are one of the shows which are lucrative shows for streaming services. The other streaming sites, such as WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, which is expected to launch this spring, had brought out a substantial amount for streaming Friends and The Big Bang Theory. These exclusive streaming platforms make large amounts for hit series such as these. In exchange for Friends, the streaming platform Netflix is shooting up the scale with a run of Seinfield. It’s not just an old run series, shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation will also be following that list slowly.


Source: ComicBook, Insider


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