Funniest Glitches in Assassin’s Creed, Ranked

The Assassin’s Creed series is well-known for its wide range of history-based tales and stealth-like gameplay, which recently transitioned from strictly assassin gameplay to massive open-world RPGs. It’s unsurprising that hundreds of faults and problems have sneaked past the creators and been uncovered over the years in a series this huge and complex.

Although fixes are being published to correct these errors, many have been left unfixed and are more than welcome to stay. These funny errors are famed for their physics-defying silliness and the unending hilarity they have provoked within the gaming community, ranging from a troubling absence of facial characteristics to beautiful flying chariots.


Black Flag brought boats to the Assassins Creed franchise, which were fairly enjoyable and graceful to sail until this wonderfully unconventional flaw smashed those deceptive notions of luxury. Boats suddenly slip about and move as though on ice, resulting in wonderfully unexpected mayhem and destruction.

Furthermore, the boats may propel themselves into the air, do some dancing routines, and then sink back into the deep depths. At times, the boats will unexpectedly sink and vanish, leaving a giant ‘hole’ in the water in which the player’s former crewmates would be levitating rather than floating.

Invincible Enemy Spawns

In more recent Assassin’s Creed games, enemy spawning has been substantially boosted, which occasionally creates this hilarious bug in which hundreds of attackers can endlessly spawn nonstop, resulting in some pretty silly scenarios.

This issue becomes even more amusing when there are so many opponents that they can’t all stand on a building at the same time, resulting in adversaries unwittingly shoving each other to their demise. On top of that, every adversary that spawns yells the same sentence, creating a steady sea of shouting and screaming, making the situation extremely funnier.

Arno’s Face Glitch

The most terrifying bug in the entire franchise occurs in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. During several cut sequences, Arno’s face might be missing critical characteristics for no apparent reason, making him seem unforgettably comical.

Arno is widely regarded as one of the greatest characters in Unity, so seeing him in such a situation is upsetting. It’s worth noting that, despite losing vital traits like his brain, nose, and skin, Arno retained his gorgeous hair. This hiccup gets even more amusing when it occurs during deeply emotional cut scenes, such as when Arno kisses Elise, utterly destroying the anticipated love scenario and instead forever imprinting Arno’s frightening face kissing the completely unbothered Elise in every gamer’s mind.

Twitchy Animals

Another amusing and apparently random issue occurs largely in Assassin’s Creed 3/Black Flag, when animals act in highly unusual ways, violating every rule of physics known to man (or horse).

As a result of this amusing glitch, horses breakdance, cows float, deer phase into assassins, and reindeer sprint into the sky. All of these factors undermine the reality and severity of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, resulting in some hilarious situations.

Assassin’s Flight

Flying above everyone in clear sight certainly isn’t the best approach for an assassin who needs to be discreet. One of the more amusing flaws in the Assassin’s Creed series occurs in Brotherhood when Ezio might suddenly start soaring into the air after a wall leap for no apparent reason.

This bug becomes much more amusing when overdramatic symphonic music plays in the background and Ezio flies over every NPC and building in the region slowly and ferociously. Furthermore, not a single NPC recognizes or acknowledges that someone is flying above them, demonstrating that Ezio is still acting covertly.

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