All superheroes be it of Marvel or Dc have a ton of work to do considering saving humanity is a bit tedious task. But have you ever thought of what they would be doing when they are off there duty!
Its possible that they could be struggling in their lives doing chores like normal people do.

Lucas Nascimento an artist from Brazil or widely known as “dragonarte” to his followers used this idea to create comics show casing the daily lives and struggles of superheroes including Superman and Batman!
His comics are quirky as well as funny!

He started posting these in 2013. Initially he started these comics with long strips but that wasn’t working out for him so he decided to draw out shorter stories with no dialogues and that turned out to be a hit for him!

He realized that stories without dialogues and more popular characters would reach people all over the world and it would be easier for them to understand it too.

He tries to include as many characters and his favorite heroes like Spider-Man, Hulk etc in these comic strips and each one takes him more than 4 hours to complete it.

His comics are sure hilarious and they depict the daily struggles of these “heroes” in an hilarious ways.

Here are some of his most hilarious works that have been loved by his fans.

1. Superman Fooling Around Portraying Batman

2. Doctor Strange Venturing A Whole New World

3. “Wonder”ing Where Her Stuff Went

4. Kryptonite + Lego = Deadly Combination For Superman

5. Deadpool and Spiderman’s Friendship

6.  Hangry Hulk ?

7. Not Correct The Time To Pose Superman!

8. Pillow War

9. Aquaman’s Worst Nightmare

10. Only Way To Slow Flash Down

11. Cat-Woman Rescue Mission

12. In Parallel Universe ft. Mjolnir And Thor

13.  Millionaire’s Meal Vs. Uni Student’s Meal

14.  Superman Or Super Saiyan?

15. Batman Wants To Chill

16. Shield Is Dishwasher Safe?

17.  Mr Bean Is Worthy?

18. Mr. Fantastic Found The Perfect Sleeping Position!

Wait A Minute….

20. Super Sneeze!

21. Costume Drama

22. Shield Board?

23.  Superman’s Super Pressure

24. What A Rock Massage Looks Like!

25.  Web-Knitting!

26. Much Better Version Of Joker?

27. Multipurpose Suit!

28. Clothes Drying Hacks ft Batman

29. Batman’s Bedtime Stories

Artist Shows The Daily Lives Of Our Favorite Superheroes And The Result Is Hilarious

30.  Superman Just Used Himself As Distraction!

31.  So That Why He Looks So Tall

32.  Robin’s fantasies

33.  Sculpting Salon Service

34.  Spider…Man… Literally.

35.  Oh no Peppa !

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