Furious Shakira Explodes after Piqué Exposes Their 9-Year-Old Son Milan To Thousands of Potential Predators on Live Stream

Shakira and Gerard Piqué have been hitting the news headlines since day one of their relationship with each other. The celebrity singer made headlines when she first came into a relationship with the soccer player Gerard Piqué in May 2011. Since then the couple has had their piece of fame and enjoyed their part in the relationship, until June 2022, when the pop singer confirmed her separation from her longtime boyfriend. 

Shakira and Pique with their kids
Shakira and Piqué chose to maintain the privacy and well-being of children

Since the separation, the couple had a joint agreement to the terms that they would maintain the privacy and well-being of their children. However, Piqué has had a difficult time maintaining the agreement, especially with his relationship with Clara Chia Marti becoming public during the fight for children’s (Sasha and Milan) custody. 

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Shakira is furious over ex-partner Piqué

The Colombian singer and the Spanish soccer player ended their decade-old relationship and requested privacy and well being of their children as their maximum priority. Although the feud between the two personalities ended with their separation, a new controversy emerged with their son Milan. 

Shakira and Gerard Piqué
Gerard Piqué exposed their son to social media through a live broadcast

In a Twitch event organized by Piqué, the ex-couple’s oldest son made an appearance that hasn’t set well with the pop singer Shakira. Milan accompanied his father to a discussion about King’s league, which was a live broadcast and therefore was not well appreciated by the mother. Shakira got furious over Piqué for exposing their son to social media and its atrocities. 

During the discussion, Piqué was taken by surprise over his son’s ability to be a natural speaker. The soccer player organized the live broadcast to present and discuss his new sports project along with several streamers from around the social world. 

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Shakira blasts Piqué for exposing their son to social media

While streaming, there happened to be discussions about certain topics that are not to be brought up in front of a 9-year-old. Although the broadcast was regarding Piqué’s new sports project, the Spanish soccer player along with the streamers got excited over topics and used certain obscene language. 

Shakira did not find the language fit to be spoken in front of 9-year-olds and got furious over ex-partner Gerard Piqué. Although Milan, Shakira, and Piqué’s son seemed to handle the language and discussion pretty well, surprising his father as well as the online streamers, Shakira seemed displeased with her ex-partner exposing their son to social media. She was neither consulted regarding the participation nor did Pique seek prior consent. 

Shakira is upset with ex-partner Piqué for exposing their son to online predators

For the moment Piqué has not made any statement and would like to handle the situation in private, there are several media outlets wide spreading the live stream video of Piqué with his son Milan. It is not known if the incident escalated, but Shakira is not happy and doesn’t want her ex-partner to repeat this ever again. 

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Source: Marca

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