Galactus vs. Trigon: Who Wins This Cosmic Battle Of Might & Magic?

Do you love villains? Well, so do we! And while some of us might secretly admire them, others like to see them defeated by the good guys. We have prepared a hypothetical fight of might and magic between two of the best supervillains in their respective universes: DC’s Trigon and Marvel’s Galactus.

Trigon debuted in The New Teen Titans #2 (1980).

Galactus debuted in Fantastic Four #48 (1966).

Galactus vs. Trigon
Trigon and Galactus

Who Is Trigon?

Debuted in The New Teen Titans #2 in 1980, Trigon is an unusual demon, to say the least. He is incredibly powerful and one of the only villains to have ever been worshiped by a group of superheroes. The New Teen Titans found Trigon’s daughter Raven who has gone missing on Earth, as he will not be happy until he gets his revenge on them for splitting up his family. He also appeared in The New Teen Titans #4 in 1981. Created by George Perez and Marv Wolfman, Trigon is perhaps one of the most powerful demons in the DC universe.

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Galactus vs. Trigon
Trigon in The New Teen Titans

A mad, sadistic, terrible, and powerful interdimensional demon, Trigon was born to the world due to a star-crossed love affair between a female member of a mystical sect who worshiped their god. Although not intended in any way, this union gave rise to a hybrid being that took on the appearance of its parents’ godly form. It’s said that this entity is comprised of 99% evil energy from unknowingly absorbing Azarath’s inhabitants who felt as though forming their primary prophet in his own image would harness the energies into one person so that it may rule all worlds.

Who Is Galactus?

Galactus is a cosmic entity that lies somewhere between the typically well-defined concepts of good and evil, as opposed to other characters with less delineated moralities. He was originally written as a sort of enemy to the Fantastic Four. But in more recent years has been shown as an ally and even mentor to them.

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Galactus vs. Trigon
Galactus in Fantastic Four #48

Galactus, who was originally named Galan, is a humanoid alien who can alter his form and state at will. Similar to the Silver Surfer, he is completely composed of energy, thus having control over different aspects of his features such as density, elasticity, and structural integrity. He is known to be one of Marvel’s greatest super-villains, appearing in several comics and stories over the years. He moves from planet to planet to feed on their natural energy with no sign of stopping.

The Powers And Capabilities Of Trigon And Galactus


Trigon is a supervillain; a being that believes it has to enslave the entire world to perfect it, and because of this belief is always seeking ways to rule over as many people as possible. And to do that they must have power, which this character takes advantage of by using their mind and wills their opponents into submission.


Galactus has some incredible superpowers. He can control the molecular structure of anything in his path and he can levitate and fly through space as well. To maintain his astounding powers and immortality, Galactus consumes life-force energies often by consuming planets or galaxies whole.

Who Could Win The Cosmic Battle Of Might And Magic

DC’s Trigon is far from the largest being in comics. He actually has the head of a giant and can alter his size at will. In addition, he has been known to give himself wings on occasion. However, Trigon will always be overshadowed by bigger and worse opponents – like Galactus for example. Galactus vs. Trigon

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In contrast, there isn’t any doubt that Trigon can defeat a regular Darkseid. As powerful as Galactus is, he is basically on the same level as Darkseid. It depicts that, Trigon’s basic form is incredibly strong compared to Galactus. But Trigon’s source of power may not be as readily available as that of Galactus. Thus, his deformities make him impossible to beat Galactus in a battle of both stamina and power.

Conclusion: Galactus wins!

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