There is some exciting news for the fans of Game of Thrones. A new version of Game of Thrones is set to be released super soon. The new version is known as Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall. It is all set to appear on iOS devices by the 26th of March,2020. As for Android devices, the release date has been scheduled for the 3rd of April. Android and iOS are the only platforms that are slated to receive the game.

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Game of Thrones : Beyond the Wall
In a still from the game!!!

Regarding other platforms, the release date yet remains unconfirmed. The new game is said to be free to download; however, it is likely to involve the usual in-game purchases. It will only be after the release of the game that users can decide whether it is worth spending money on the game. However, users will definitely give the game a try since it is free to download. 

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Brynden Rivers
The commander killing this man!!

Game of Thrones highlights the fact how Lord Commander Brynden Rivers had vanished while trying to climb on the wall. In view of this, there is now a requirement of a new leader. Your role in the game will be to be this new leader who will be in command of the Night’s Watch. The original script and story of the Game of Thrones are related to the aspect of Command the Night’s Watch.

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The commander game
A still from Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall.

The initial leader was popularly known by the name ‘Bloodraven’. Therefore, brace yourself and get ready to play the role of a leader in this new series of Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall. The title of the game depicts that the game has a huge connection with the wall. Have a look at the early access to the game,

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