Game of Thrones Fans Can’t Stop Dunking on That Massive Coffee Cup Mistake

There were quite a lot of big moments throughout Sunday night’s new episode of Game of Thrones, but unfortunately for the HBO and the creative team behind the beloved series, none of those moments are dominating the social media conversations on Monday morning. Instead, all of Twitter is obsessed with what is perhaps the easiest-to-spot error in the show’s history, a ‘Starbucks’ cup in one of the scenes.

About the episode

Someone left a Starbucks coffee cup in one of the scenes in Game Of Thrones
Someone left a Starbucks coffee cup in one of the scenes in Game Of Thrones

Early on in the episode, during the feast celebrating the victory against the Night King, Daenerys spends some time watching the interactions of all of her allies standing around her. There’s one particular shot where Jon and Tormund are right in front of Daenerys and you can clearly pick out the mistake. Someone left a Starbucks coffee cup right there on the table, clear as day.

If you simply saw this pop up on social media, it’s easy to write off as a joke of some kind, possibly just a fan editing the cup into the shot. But when you watch the scene play out in real time, it’s clear that this was no edit. The cup is very much a part of the show.

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Fans can’t stop Dunking!

Yeah, that’s not a good look. Starbucks definitely isn’t a staple of Westeros, that much is certain. Since the moment was first noticed on Twitter, it has quickly become a trending topic, and fans of the series can’t stop dunking on the misplaced coffee cup.



If you couldn’t see it!

Canons of Games of Thrones

That’s a tough one

Here is the preview of the latest episode of Game Of Thrones:

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