George RR Martin says that there are three spin offs of Game of Thrones in development.

Three spin-offs of Game of Thrones are in the pipeline.

George RR Martin, the writer of those novels that inspired of Game of Thrones, states there are many shows set in precisely the same world being developed. Martin guarantees fans that three are coming across just fine after the reports surfaced that programs HBO is cancelling a few of those follow-up shows.

“We’ve had five distinct GAME OF THRONES successor shows in evolution (that I dislike the word ‘spinoffs;-RRB- in HBO, and each of these continues moving forward well,” Martin wrote in a post to his website. “The one I’m not supposed to call THE LONG NIGHT is going to be shooting after this season, and also two other displays stay in the script phase, but are edging nearer. What are they about? I cannot say. But perhaps some of you ought to get a copy of FIRE & BLOOD and produce your notions.”

Martin has referenced to this before, talking about Fire and Blood.

George RR Martin says that there are three spin offs of Game of Thrones in development.
George RR Martin says that there are three spin-offs of Game of Thrones in development.

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Martin has made an identical tease earlier, speaking to Fire & Blood, the publication covering the literary history of House Targaryen. The first volume was released using another volume in November 2018. His tease indicates among those shows that are in-development will cover a number of the same subject matter.

The series that’s now referred to as The Night is also, as Martin said, anticipated to take its pilot after this season. That show is set through Westeros’ Age of Heroes, the age when the Great Houses were founded. SJ Clarkson is set to guide the pilot.

Bryan Cogman has confirmed that there is a ‘successor’ collection.

Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman confirmed he was working on a successor collection, however that job is currently dead.

These other show might still be in evolution, but HBO programming president Casey Bloys had stated the system would not start production on another game of thrones spin-off before the first was rigorously established.

Quote by Bloys

A still from Game of Thrones
A still from Game of Thrones

“We are taking a look at a young summer shoot date, and we are excited,” Bloys states. “SJ Clarkson is directing. Everything is currently moving. We are excited. No additional strategies to pick anything up before we get that one going if there is anyone which we would like to make and then we will consider. We need to get this going, get off it to pilot and then we will consider other choices.”

Source: Verge, Comicbook

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