Gerard Butler Teams Up for Dexter Author’s Thief Series With John Wick Director

Gerard Butler has found himself the lead role in the upcoming heist movie titled, Just Watch Me.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

As per a report by Deadline, the movie is being written by Nobody and John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, and is based on a novel by the creator of Dexter, Jeff Lindsay. “As both a fan and a friend of Jeff Lindsay, I am excited to bring Just Watch Me to the screen,” said Kolstad.

Based on the novel, Just Watch Me by Jeff Lyndsay, is the first one in the entire Riley Wolfe series. While being the master of disguise and a world-renowned thief, Wolfe targets the rich 0.1 percent of people in the world. He completely has this disdain towards the immoral ultra-rich and won’t even think twice about ending their lives if they try to get in his way.

Now, he is set to team up with a master forger, Monique, and a group of other expert thieves, for the biggest heist of their lives, which is stealing the Crown Jewels in Iran.

“I’m eager to see Gerard Butler bring Riley Wolfe to cinematic life with the incredible team of Dylan Russell, Scott Steindorff, Alan Siegel, Raven, and Sculptor Media,” added Kolstad.

Kolstad’s previous film, Nobody, wowed the viewers as Bob Odenkirk came in his own John Wick-style action movie, taking on gangsters with some real brutal efficiency.


As reviewed by IGN: “[Bob Odenkirk’s] role here allows the actor another fascinating turn in an acting career fairly filled with them. Yes, it’s gruesome and violent, but it’s also wickedly funny and surprisingly poignant. And while those Keanu comparisons are always going to be there, Nobody easily holds a candle to Wick.”

Eric Gold and Warren Goz will produce Just Watch Me with Scott Steindorff, Joel Falderon, Dylan Russell, and Alan Siegel. Matt Sidari and James Masciello, are on board as  the movie’sexecutive producers.

“What attracted us to this project was the veritable dream team of producers, creatives and partners,” said producer Warren Goz. “We are also excited to team with Derek, who has a renowned track record of great commercial achievement.”

John Wick 4 and 5 will also be moving ahead without Kolstad, alongside its upcoming spin-off series, The Continental, which will be focusing on a much younger Winston. John Wick: Chapter 4 has been delayed until March 25, 2023.

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