“Get Plastic Surgery and Lie About It?”: Bethenny Frankel Has Some Harsh Criticism for Kim Kardashian and the Entire Kardashian Family for Sending a Toxic Message to the Next Generation

Bethenny Frankel is known for starring in eight seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City. The television personality is also a businesswoman and owns Skinnygirl. However, the star’s talents don’t end here, she is also an author and has written several books, such as Business is Personal: The Truth About What it Takes to Be Successful While Staying True to Yourself, Skinnydipping, and Cookie Meets Peanut. The star is well aware of the impact celebrities have on their fans which is why she has some harsh opinions about the Kardashians.

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Bethenny Frankel says the world needs a break from The Kardashians

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel’s harsh words about the Kardashians

The author recently talked about the Kardashians on her podcast,  Just B with Bethenny Frankel, and needless to say, she did not hold back. Moreover, she also went to post her opinions on Instagram. She stated,

“We need a Kardashian intermission. And I’ve honestly been afraid to say it. It’s not because Kris is the mafia and controls a lot of the media, because I don’t give a f—, cancel me.”

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Bethenny Frankel criticizes the Kardashians for sending wrong messages to their fans

The Kardashians
The Kardashians have been accused of denying plastic surgeries

The star also talked about the impact Kardashians have on their fanbase and how toxic it is. She said,

“What are we saying to our kids? What is the message? Take it all? Be as rich as possible? Filter as much as possible? Be as fake as much as possible. Brag as much as possible?”

The actress also criticized the Kardashians’ repeated denial of plastic surgery and remarked,

“Get plastic surgery and lie about it as much as possible? What the f— are we doing? Then do a charity donation to like rinse it over as much as possible? What are we doing?”

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Bethenny Frankel’s term aptly describes the media’s obsession with the Kardashians

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has coined a new term for the Kardashian phenomenon in media

The star was frustrated with the family and the media’s obsession with the family, and she went to come up with a new term, “Kard-data,” to talk about the phenomenon. She further remarked,

“Please stop shoving [the Kardashians] down my throat.”

“[The Kardashians] are a bad product…it does bad things for young people…it’s like a drug.”

It seems like Bethenny Frankel is furious at the family’s promotion of unrealistic beauty standards and the media’s obsession with the same.

Source: Fox News

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