Ghost Rider vs. Silver Surfer: Who Wins?

Ghost Rider has long been an adversary who makes a formidable opponent for Silver Surfer. But that’s probably not because of Ghost Rider’s scary appearance alone. More than likely, the reason why Ghost Rider is taken more seriously than others when it comes to his ability to cause harm to others lies in the intangible quality of fear itself. People fear what they don’t understand. And on some level, people are afraid of Ghost Rider’s power even if he isn’t someone who appears threatening by his appearance alone.

Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer in Avengers #28
Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer in Avengers #28

On the other hand, besides being a formidable power cosmic, the Silver Surfer is known for his surfboard, which he uses to travel. This mobility gives him a great advantage in most confrontations. However, this is not what happened when he faced off against Robbie Reyes’s version of the Ghost Rider in Avengers #28. Although spouting flames and riding a fiery vehicle was unsettling, it wasn’t enough to dissuade the Silver Surfer from using his penultimate attack and disabling both Ghost Rider and his car with one single bolt of lightning.

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Silver Surfer: The Surfboard And Its Powers

Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer in Avengers #28
Dawn Greenwood on Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

The Silver Surfer’s surfboard is one of the character’s signature pieces of gear. So it’s important to remember that in the Marvel Universe, things have a way of taking on a life of their own. This particular board is sentient and it can fly through space on its own, even if Silver Surfer happens to be absent from using it. The board answers to the Surfer’s command and allegiance when he’s riding it.

However, when Dawn Greenwood dated him for a time, she eventually earned his trust and affection as well as that of his surfboard. What many readers might not know is that Dawn actually named the board “Toomie” due to an error in hearing what its owner calls out while Woody Allen-Esque-ly tells his sentient companion to return home.

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How Ghost Rider Won The Surfboard’s Command?

Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer in Avengers #28
Ghost Rider in Avengers #28

In Avengers #28, the board wanted Ghost Rider to commandeer it. That being said, it appears Silver Surfer’s board is sentient, and it communicated with Ghost Rider. The only hitch is the fact that neither entity know each other that well. Ghost Rider didn’t seem to have enough strength to take the Power Cosmic away from the Surfer when he was floating off in space, and literally, there was no oxygen.

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How Ghost Rider Won?

Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer in Avengers #28
Ghost Rider in Avengers #28

The fact that Ghost Rider is a more powerful being than the Silver Surfer may be an explanation for the fact that Ghost Rider was able to steal the board. We know that Marvel’s Ghost Riders cannot be subdued by any force except when they allow it. Since Robbie Reyes has already taken control of the Celestial armor of the Avengers, it cannot be excluded that he could assume control over the Silver Surfer’s surfboard and perhaps even override its sentience in the same manner as he did with dinosaurs or mammoths – all this is described in various comic books.

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