Ghostbusters: Afterlife Actually Helps Laying Foundation For Ghostbusters 4!

Ghostbusters, which released in 2016, got mixed reviews from the audiences out of which many complained that it didn’t “honor” the legacy. So the filmmakers and studio heard us out and the latest Ghostbusters: Afterlife did a great job honoring the OG movies back from the 1980s and it also paved an fresh path for Phoebe to carry the franchise ahead. The movie also does hint at the sequel based on the narrative of the film and of course how it fairs at the box office.

Here’s How Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sets Up A Sequel

A still from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Afterlife actually leaves not one but two doors open for the sequel. One leads to Phoebe’s story, who is now living in Summerville. With her brother Trevor, Lucky and Podcast, the four can bump into Egon’s inventions and along with their science teacher Gary, can become the new generation of Ghostbusters.

Egon left behind many technologies which could help Gary and Phoebe (who are science experts) further improve his work. And the post-credits scene saw Winston telling Janine that he definitely made millions in finance but he dearly missed his Ghostbusting days.
He later joins Peter and Ray and helps Phoebe and co to banish Gozer, implying he would love to become a mentor.

At the end, we see Winston opening a new firehouse and he promises Phoebe to refurbish him and give them an upgrade. All these things could make him a perfect mentor!

Ghostbusters 4 Hinted By Ernie Hudson and Jason Reitman ?


Ernie Hudson loves Winston but sadly the older movies didn’t do him any justice and he was put in the background and written off as a character who is there just for the money. But now Winston has all the money so he could help the Ghostbusters with the same.

Few months back in an interview Ernie went on to say that, if there was a fourth movie being made, he would be honored to do it! Maybe he was trying not to give spoilers to the fans by revealing secrets, but he did sound serious about it.

Jason Reitman also said something similar; he stated they wanted to make Ghostbusters into a franchise which could open the universe to all kinds of stories.

Ghostbusters 4 Heavily Relies On How Ghostbusters: Afterlife fairs At Box Office

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

At the end, it’s not what fans or actors want, it all depends upon how the film does at the box office. And Ghostbuster: Afterlife was actually expected to be a boring movie for the holiday season and they didn’t expect it to earn more than $30 – $35 millions. But it did exceed everyone’s expectations and went on to earn a total of around $40.5 million from the North American ticket sales.

We can assume that it was well received by the audiences judging by the sales, however, it has still gotten mixed reviews from the critics and has got 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 95% from the Audience score!

So with all these positive feedbacks, we are hoping that the studio does think about the sequel soon!

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