Gigi Hadid Reportedly Actively Denying Leonardo DiCaprio From Getting into Boyfriend Territory, His Perverse ‘Only Under 25’ Women Rule Could Be the Reason

Back in September, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio sparked dating rumors after the pair were spotted hanging out together during New York Fashion Week. And since then they have been spotted together multiple times. But recently the Titanic actor was photographed outside a fine dining restaurant in west Hollywood. He had been leaving the place after dinner. And he was apparently not alone. The actor was seemingly accompanied by a 23-year-old model named Victoria Lamas. And with DiCaprio’s dating history, a dating rumor between the two naturally followed.

However, reports suggest that he is not dating Lamas and neither is his relationship with Hadid a serious one. This is because Hadid does not have enough time to focus on a serious romantic connection. And on top of that, the Inception star has a tightly packed schedule. Therefore whoever he dates next, probably would not have any major effect on Hadid.

Gigi Hadid is Reportedly Not Serious about Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

It has only been a few months since Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio sparked a dating rumor but recently the latter was spotted with another woman. And this time it is a 23-year-old model named Victoria Lamas. In other cases, there would not have been many speculations, but DiCaprio’s dating history makes it impossible to not speculate anything. The 48-year-old is well-known for exclusively dating women under 25. And these women have mostly been models. Lamas was photographed leaving a fine dining restaurant in west Hollywood recently at the same time as the actor. This naturally sparked speculation. However, according to Page Six, the source tells that the pair are not dating.

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Victoria Lamas
Victoria Lamas

The pictures are definitely not affecting Hadid as her main focus is being a full-time mother to her baby Khai. A source shared with Page Six that,  “Gigi’s priority is her daughter.” And referring to the rumors of her dating DiCaprio the source said that the two, “like each other very much, but neither one wants anything serious right now.” Another possible factor that is preventing the pair to get serious is the Inception star’s busy schedule. The source added, “His routine is too much for her.” Therefore as things do not seem to be getting any serious between the two, Hadid is probably not affected by DiCaprio’s recent pictures with Lamas.

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When did the Dating Rumors Start?

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid

A year after splitting with her ex Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid was spotted hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio during New York Fashion Week. Instantly afterward dating rumors sparked between the two. According to Page Six, a source shared at the time that the pair was only “getting to know each other”.

Following that, in October, the pair attended a large Halloween party together. The 27-year-old model’s younger sister Bella Hadid was also present at the party. Then in mid-November, the duo was once again spotted on a dinner date in New York along with Vivi Nevo. All this naturally increased dating speculations. But according to sources, there is nothing serious between the two as of now.

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Source: Page Six

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