Gilgamesh: The Thanos-Busting Superhero Of Eternals

Gilgamesh’s abilities put him on a level with Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he’s one of the heroes in Marvel’s Eternals. Eternals, directed by Chloe Zhao, features a dozen comic book heroes and villains, ten of them will be members of the film’s titular squad, which represents a race of alien immortals, of which Gilgamesh is one of the most powerful.

The Eternals will take things a step further by introducing a completely new squad, as well as the Black Knight from the Avengers comics. Despite the fact that several of these characters are relatively unknown, they all have histories dating back to at least the 1980s. The majority of them, including Gilgamesh, debuted in Jack Kirby’s 1976-1977 comic book series and have since made regular appearances.

Marvel Comics’ Gilgamesh origins explained

Gilgamesh Marvel comics

The Eternals remained concealed for so long in Marvel Comics because they promised the Celestials that they would never intervene in human affairs. The Eternals’ leader, Zuras, wanted everyone to follow this vital rule, but one of his children was a little more difficult to manage. Gilgamesh, the Eternal, roamed the Earth performing heroic actions and accidentally sparked a variety of epic legends. Zuras and the Eternals were not pleased with his conduct, believing that he had violated his people’s ways in order to gain renown. As a result, Zuras expelled him from the Eternals and ordered him to be imprisoned behind the confines of their Olympian hidden city.

A look at Gilgamesh’s powers in Marvel Comics

Thor vs Gilgamesh Eternals Marvel Comics

Gilgamesh has the ability to project cosmic energy beams from his hands and eyes, as well as fly, manipulate matter, read minds, and resurrect himself if his body is destroyed. Gilgamesh’s powers are distinguished from those of the other Eternals by his enormous strength. Gilgamesh, whose physical strength rivals that of Thor, Hulk, and Hercules, stands above them all in this regard. Gilgamesh is by far the most powerful of the Earth-based Eternals. With all of his talents, Gilgamesh is more than capable of defeating the vast majority of superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

How powerful MCU’s Gilgamesh is: How he could defeat Thanos

Thanos – Gilgamesh

A blind Gilgamesh came dangerously close to conquering Thor in the comics and would have likely won if his sight hadn’t been disabled at the moment. Thor, who had already fought Hercules, the Hulk, and Thanos, considered Gilgamesh to be the most formidable opponent he had ever encountered. If Marvel accurately adapts Gilgamesh’s power and combat ability, he could join Scarlet Witch as one of the few characters capable of defeating Thanos alone in the MCU. Although Thanos possesses incredible strength, it’s worth noting that he needs the Power Stone to defeat Captain Marvel. If he’s up against The Forgotten One, he’ll need a lot more of that.

Gilgamesh is played by Don Lee in Eternals

Don Lee

Don Lee will bring Jack Kirby’s legendary Eternals character to life on the big screen after being around for more than 40 years. Ma Dong-Seok, as he is known to South Korean fans, rose to prominence as a result of his award-winning performances in a number of Korean films. His most notable performance was in the highly acclaimed zombie film Train to Busan. In addition, he appeared in the films The Outlaws, Ashfall, and Familyhood. Eternals will be his first Hollywood feature, despite having a great career stretching back to the mid-2000s.

What’s Next for Gilgamesh in the Marvel Cinematic Universe After Eternals?


If Gilgamesh survives the battle to preserve the Earth from the Emergence in Eternals, he may have a future similar to that of Marvel Comics. Even after their secret was known to humanity, the Eternals stayed to themselves. Gilgamesh was one of the rare Eternals who joined the Avengers instead of the Eternals. Given his ties to mankind and his heroic instincts, he made the right decision. Don Lee’s character has the potential to follow in Don Lee’s footsteps. If it happens, Gilgamesh might be on the Avengers 5 roster.

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