Gisele Bündchen Makes Things Worse For Tom Brady, Takes Romance With Joaquim Valente to Next Level While the NFL Star Suffers Major Setback in His Career

It’s a tale as old as time. A celebrity couple calls it quits, and one moves on while the other struggles. In this case, it’s supermodel Gisele Bündchen and NFL star Tom Brady. They finalized their divorce in October 2022 after 13 years of marriage.

Bündchen has been spotted horseback riding in Costa Rica with her jiu-jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, as she is moving on with her life. Sources close to Bündchen insist Valente is just a close family friend and jiu-jitsu teacher for her and her children. This is so despite rumors of a potential romantic relationship.

Gisele Bündchen’s Romance with Joaquim Valente

Gisele Bundchen with Joaquim Valente
Gisele Bundchen with Joaquim Valente

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Bündchen’s romance with her potential new beau has been the subject of much speculation in the media. Just days after the supermodel finalized her divorce from NFL star Tom Brady, the duo were first spotted together in Costa Rica in November 2022. And now, recent photos of Bündchen and Valente’s horseback riding sparked rumors of a romance.

Despite the rumors, a source close to Bündchen has denied that the two are in a romantic relationship. The source stated that Bündchen “adores and trusts” Valente and has spent much time with him. Nevertheless, there is no truth to the rumors that they are dating.

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However, other sources have hinted at a deeper connection between the two. One insider claimed that Bündchen and Valente have a “deep personal relationship” and that he is a “teacher to her and the kids.” This has led some to speculate that there may be more to their relationship than friendship.

Tom Brady’s Career Setback

The news of Tom Brady’s setback in his career has come as a surprise to many. The NFL star retired in February 2022 but returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 season. However, he has refused to rule out retirement again in recent months, causing speculation about his future in the sport.

Bündchen, known for her radiant smile and effortless beauty, looks happier than ever as she spends time with Valente and her children. On the other hand, Brady seems to be struggling with his decision to return to the NFL and the pressure that comes with it.

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The couple’s split was reportedly due to Brady’s refusal to quit the sport, which caused tension in their marriage. Now, as Bündchen moves on and enjoys her life, it seems that Brady is left to deal with the consequences of his choices.

The Future for Bundchen and Brady

The Brazilian fashion model is taking things to the next level with Joaquim. While she may not be in a traditional dating scenario with him, the two have a deep personal relationship. Whether or not this relationship will ever become more than that remains to be seen.

As for Tom Brady, it remains unclear what the future holds for him. The quarterback has yet to decide his future, but one thing is for sure, the model is moving on and focusing on her happiness.

Source: Daily Mail

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