‘Give Grant Gustin A Call’: Fans Want Ezra Miller Replaced After Being Accused Of Being A Cultist

The Flash film is perhaps one of the most anticipated DC movies in recent times. While the studio wrapped up its shoot back in 2021, the release date has been pushed to June 2023. Apparently, fans are no longer excited for this DC film, despite the awesomeness of the current season of CW’s The Flash. This is primarily because Ezra Miller was recently accused of being a cultist.

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Ezra Miller as Flash
Ezra Miller as Flash

Ezra Miller Has Been Taken Into Custody For Traffic Violations, Harassment, And Other Conducts In The Past

According to Variety, Miller was arrested in September 2002 for driving under the influence of alcohol. After hitting a parked car, according to the police, Miller fled the scene of an accident and then tried to escape from officers by running into his home and slamming the door in their face. This wasn’t his first arrest – he was also involved in other incidents such as harassment and some disorderly conduct. This is not an impressive track record for someone who plays Barry Allen – DC Comic’s most famous hero, who has quite a clean image.

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Actor Ezra Miller
Actor Ezra Miller

Recently He Has Been Accused Of Being A Cultist

According to the sources, an indigenous activist Chase Iron Eyes has filed a case against Ezra, claiming that the actor abused his 18-year-old daughter, both psychologically and emotionally. While the court proceedings are yet to echo what’s the truth and what all is fishy here, The Flash fans are going mad and are asking the franchise to consider Grant Gustin in place of Ezra Miller for the upcoming future projects.

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Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller

This Is How The Twitter Is Reacting –

Considering the popularity that CW’s The Flash season 8 is getting, Grant Gustin would be perfect to portray Berry Allen across all the media formats. But whether or not the makers will accept this notion; is debatable – especially when the shoot has been wrapped up.

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