God Butcher: 5 Gods That Batman Absolutely Completely Destroyed!

Batman is undeniably one of the greatest heroes of all time. What makes him special is the fact that he doesn’t possess any superhuman strength and still manages to defeat powerful villains with his brilliant tactics. Over the years, he has cemented his reputation of defeating almost anyone and we’ve see him facing powerful beings like Darkseid and Superman.
Today at Animated Times, we will look at 5 Gods and godlike creatures who were defeated by Batman.

5. Trigon

In Injustice series, Superman goes crazy and takes over the world. In this, Batman uses magic to take down the Man of Steel. Batman uses Raven to lure out the Man of Steel.
Their actions call upon the wrath of demon lord, Trigon to defeat Superman. Batman went on to defeat Trigon after he started fighting against Mr. Mxyzptik and started causing destruction. With some help from, Shazam and Dr. Fate, Batman manages to send Trigon back into the void.

4. Kaiyo

She’s a new God from Apokolips who uses her powers to alter reality. She travels through multiverses to find someone strong enough to defeat Darkseid. Once, she even manipulated Superman and Batman to take down Darkseid.
Her second encounter with the two didn’t end up well for her. She managed to wipe out the memories of the two heroes but Batman managed to gain his memories back which eventually foiled her plan.

3. Gog

Gog can bend time and reality, grant wishes, has super strength and can shoot energy blasts. His power can and has killed Superman in the past and during “The Kingdom” timeline, Gog went back in time and killed Superman and this resulted in a battle between Batman and Gog.
Their fight is long and amidst the battle Batman used the Phantom Zone projector to send Gog into the Phantom Zone.

2. Superman

As we saw in BvS, Batman has defeated the Man of Steel. Superman is really powerful and is often termed as a God among Men but this didn’t stop Batman from taking him down. This victory might be because Superman held himself back throughout.
In another instance, Superman tried to killed Batman after being influenced by Poison Ivy but yet again, Batman came out victorious.

1. Darkseid

When you think about Batman facing Darkseid, you’d think that Darkseid would easily crush Batman. But no, Batman didn’t see him as unbeatable and Batman is known for finding weaknesses in the enemy. Along with the rest of the team, he forged the Hellbat armour, equipping it with enough power to beat Darkseid.
Batman wore the Hellbat armour once again after his son, Damian Wayne’s body was stolen and taken to Apokolips.
Batman attacked Apokolips and defeated Darkseid’s army followed by his son Kalibak and Darkseid himself.

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