God of Mischief, For A Reason – Love and Thunder Proved The Thor Franchise Cannot Survive Without Loki

The recently released Thor: Love and Thunder is quite unique among all Thor movies as it is the only Thor film to not feature his half-brother Loki, also known as God of Mischief in any capacity at all. Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, has been a quality aspect of these movies since their inception. However, since the original version died in Infinity War, an alternate variant keeps on wandering the entire Loki multiverse, and we all are aware that the character is not returning for the fourth installment of the franchise,

As Hiddleston’s character makes us feel that something is totally missing without Thor and Loki’s brotherly dynamic and sometimes signs of brotherhood. The evolution of the relationship between the two is among the strongest story threads during the first three Phases of the MCU. In fact, without it, Love and Thunder feel a little empty.

Loki and Thor’s Relationship Was the Staple of Thor films

Thor and Loki

The first Thor’s backbone was built on Loki and Thor. Their relationship formed almost 1000+ years ago and they grew up together. However, when it comes to light the revelation that Loki is a frost giant breaks Thor, as he believes that he could never live up to being the “real” Odin’s son, Thor. And this is what sets Loki on a dark path and is partially evil and obviously mischievous.

Loki and Thor’s Relationship Has Always Been Complicated

Loki and Hemsworth’s Thor

However, like a true brother who still despises him, Thor never really gives up on him. Sure, the two have fought on various occasions in the MCU, but even after he turns to conquer Earth in The Avengers, Thor’s first action is to implore him to return home as his brother. Even in The Dark World, the complicated relationship of the brothers is a driving force throughout that film.

Loki’s Death Was Among Thre MOST Tragic As He Died In Front of a Helpless Thor

Thor: The Dark World

When they finally get to this point, there is an attack, and the Mad Titan kills Loki. It’s a tragic end to their relationship and their character. But this is the problem — the remaining story just keeps going. He would have been very helpful to fight Gorr or even act as a shoulder to cry on about his heartbreaking issues with Jane. Instead, the God of Thunder is without his best friend, and his movie suffers because of it.

Watch how the beloved Loki is missing from Thor’s fourth film Thor: Love and Thunder, playing in theaters now.

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