‘God Of War’ Director Reportedly Working On Something Bigger With Duncan Jones

God Of War has been heralded as one of the best action games ever since its inception. One can thank Cory Barlog and his team who invested so much into the game to make it shine the way it did. However, this is just the beginning for what the team has in mind.

Director Duncan Jones who has made films like The Source Code and Warcraft recently met with Barlog and the two had a talk, as you may notice from their Twitter handles.

There’s no question that Duncan knows a thing or two about game directing. And something really big could be on its way.

The interesting part of the statement is “if you think that God of War is his magnum opus, just you wait!”, which indicates that the team is planning their next outing. However, what is it or would it be a sequel to God War for PS5 is still to be known.

Neither Barlog nor Jones has revealed anything which suggests that the project might be in its early stages. However, knowing how good God Of War is, we hope that something great is coming our way!

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