Gods We Want To See Gorr Kill in MCU

Audiences are intrigued to see which deities Gorr the God Butcher will kill first in Thor: Love and Thunder. They’re also wondering what pantheons he’ll target in the MCU because there are so many within this universe from Greek to Egyptian, but it could be more than that with the potential for other gods. With that being said, the God Butcher is the most iconic and significant character in the blockbuster Thor: God of Thunder, one of Marvel Comics’ best-selling comic books. He is an alien from an unnamed planet who harbors a tremendous hatred for gods, where he’s told by his people that the gods abandoned people on their planet.

Here’s a list of Gods that fans want to see Gorr the God Butcher kill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe –

Gorr The God Butcher Should Kill Khonshu

Fans know that Khonshu is a God not to be messed with. He’s the Egyptian moon God after all. Even though he cannot personally do much on his own, Khonshu enlists the help of Moon Knight and grants him divine protection as his agent to carry out his will and exact his vengeance. If Khonshu can grant this kind of power to a mere human like Moon Knight, then what chance does Gorr have against him? They’re both gods in their own rights so this fight could destroy worlds! The good news is that fans have been speculating about seeing either of these Gods in the MCU for years so if it were up to them who would win, then we know for sure it would be Khonshu who reigns supreme over mortal men only through his chosen agent and warrior, Moon Knight.

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Gorr the Godd Butcher should kill Khonshu in the MCU
Khonshu in the MCU

Chernabog And Perun

In the comic world, Gorr spent the majority of his life killing gods across the cosmos. After landing on Earth, he ignored Thor’s attempts to contact him and continued his attacks. Gorr has already slewed Perun and Chernabog in the Marvel universe. He also plagued the forests, sending chaos and destruction along with disease in every direction. The only person who could stop this was Thor, yet Gorr managed to capture him during Thor’s tour around the cosmos and held him captive for seven days in a cave.

Gorr the God Butcher slewed Chernabog and Perun in Marvel Comics
Gorr slewed Chernabog and Perun in Marvel Comics

Gorr The God Butcher Should Kill Knull

Knull is the God of Symbiotes and the creator of both his Necrosword and its dark counterpart. He is said to be so strong that with a single strike he was able to defeat a planet-destroying celestial. At this moment in history, it remains unclear whether or not Knull had been resurrected using the same power that Gorr used to revive himself as a mortal but either way them being in the same arena would be very interesting. Since they are considered such authentic rivals, one can imagine how thousands of fans are on edge waiting for either to make their first move.

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Gorr the Godd Butcher should kill The God of Symbiotes (Knull) in Marvel Comics
The God of Symbiotes (Knull) in Marvel Comics


It will be interesting to see Thor crossing paths with Amatsu-Mikaboshi in his adventures as he searches for Jane Foster’s whereabouts. Amatsu-Mikaboshi is an enemy of the Gods who feels justified in his actions as he believes he has a greater purpose. But seeing Thor interact with him on screen might allow audiences to get behind Gorr as this scene could show him fighting against someone with God-like powers – yet someone who encourages destruction instead of bringing prosperity and life to worlds. There will always be a villainous role like this for gods and goddesses when there is conflict within or without.

Gorr the Godd Butcher should kill Amatsu-Mikaboshi in Marvel Universe
Amatsu-Mikaboshi in Marvel Universe

Gorr The God Butcher Should Kill Ares

Marvel’s Aries boasts the same divine title as DC’s God of War, but is Ares a mere copycat? Marvel’s version of the Greek God of War may not be as well known in mainstream media as his DC counterpart, but when Marvel introduced Ares in his own comic debut, he was as powerful and intimidating – if not more so – than Radditz and Goku. Since Gorr the God Butcher has his own part in a war with Ares, it’d be quite interesting to see the combat between the two in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Gorr the Godd Butcher should kill Ares in Marvel Universe
Ares in Marvel Universe
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