Godzilla Versus Kong: 10 Beast Sets We’d Love To See Fight One another

The moment it was announced that a movie was being made that showed Godzilla and Kong fight each other, it instantly triggered a lot of debates and fan theories. It also led to the audience speculating which other monster pairs they would love to see battle each other. So here’s a list of 10 other battles that would be epic and extremely thrilling. 

Godzilla vs. Gamera

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Gamera is often described as Godzilla’s rip-off. But Gamera isn’t given enough credit of his own. He is as much powerful as Godzilla and he possesses much more strength than Godzilla. If and when it comes to a battle, Gamera will stand a fair chance of defeating Godzilla as will Godzilla. 

Kong vs. Clover

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They would be a good battle pair since both their home grounds is New York City. It will all be plausible if the creators take creative liberties. While Clover might have some notable upper hand tactics against Kong, Kong might still defeat considering his epics on the Skull Island. 

The Thing vs. Xenomorph

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It would be a straight up bloodbath if these two come face to face. This would be possible if their distant universes collide (quite literally). Just imagine, what if a hybrid of these two is created? Shudders, right? Thank god they are all fictional.

Freddy vs. Pennywise

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Both Freddy and Pennywise have a sick sense of humor. Sometimes, that makes us think of cartoons or jokers. But all of this subsides when they show their true sides, that of vicious and tenacious predators. As seen in Freddy vs. Jason, Freddy hates it when somebody closes in on his targets and Pennywise would quite honestly be a good contender. 

Jason vs. Michael Myers

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A grudge match is absolutely warranted since these two have too much in common to ignore. Jason might have higher strength and size, but Michael can beat Jason by his resistance and resilience alone. It might be long before the fight between these two would get over. 

 Sam vs. Krampus

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Both of them are known to spread fear during the holidays. It would be terrifying if they decided to fight each other at the cost of the people’s holidays. There is enough for us to imagine this throw down.

Blade vs. Hellboy

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If these two ever came together, it would be a classic creature film. It would be a classic Monster Hunter vs. Monster Hunter. But it would be even better if these two came together to fight a common enemy. And then get away with a full bunch of vampires. Sounds good, right?

The Fireflies vs. The Sawyers

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It is impossible to talk about killer families and not talk about the Sawyers of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Firefly Family from House of 1000 Corpses. Imagine these two families of psychopaths coming together to torture and mutilate the people travelling. Bonus would be Leatherface and Otis getting into each other’s ways. Well, we can imagine a lot of things, right?

The Phantom vs. The Mummy

It would be one hell of a story if these two characters’ arcs crossed each other’s. The amount of museums the Phantom can sneak into are plenty. And then there is the undead Egyptian. This crossover would open a lot of interesting dimensions in the Dark Universe. 

Frankenstein vs. Dracula

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The story would have to be pretty kickass for the audience to take this crossover seriously but it would become a major blockbuster if the stars align. These two monsters are classics and it would be fun to just see them at each other’s throats for the sake of it. 


That being said, all of this is plausible if somebody just has the capacity to deal with two of these monsters/beasts at the same time. 

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