The most awaited trailer of Godzilla vs. Kong is finally out and if it doesn’t excite all the Kaiju fans out there, then I don’t know what will. The trailer did a fantastic job of showing the two monsters engaging in a fight and revealing the hidden secrets the viewers didn’t know about!

Is Mechagodzilla back?

Is Mechagodzilla back?
The trailer may put us in question if Mechagodzilla going to be there in the upcoming movie.

Mechagodzilla, who has the reputation as a foe to the Godzilla, seems to be making an entrance into the MonsterVerse. Although the trailer gives nothing but just a glimpse, Ren looks like he’s standing in what looks like a control room and the screen behind him show that he’s given a maximum charge to a monstrous creature (look at its feet!!!) But who’s to say, it could just be an Easter egg in the movie.

Godzilla Against Humankind?
The trailer shows him to be the bad guy in the movie. Is he really?

I am sure the first question that comes to a Godzilla fan after watching the trailer is, “Why is Godzilla looking like a villain in this one?”. He was depicted as a creature helping the humankind in the earlier movies, especially in the last one where he protects the world from Ghidorah, but the trailer to this one shows him destroying cities and hurting Kong. If he really is the bad guy in this movie, it is definitely going to be extraordinary.

The War Between The Two Titans Goes Back To Centuries

The War Between The Two Titans Goes Back To Centuries
Ilene Andrews in the trailer tells us the war between the going is not a myth.

The trailer also tells the viewers about why Godzilla and Kong are fighting. Apparently these two monsters seem like they have been at war with each other for centuries. Rebecca Hall’s character Ilene Andrews says, “The myths are real, there was a war, and they‘re the last ones standing.” 


Kong’s Connection With Jia

Kong's Connection With Jia
Kong has a special bond with Jia. Only she can communicate with him.

Kong’s connection with the little girl named Jia is also as interesting. Although her role in movie is still unknown, her bond with Kong seems out of this world as she’s the only one that can communicate with him. She could be the human they mentioned in Godzilla: King of the Monsters that can communicate with the monsters telepathically.

Kong’s New Axe Will Fight Godzilla’s Atomic Breath

Kong's New Axe Will Fight Godzilla's Atomic Breath
His new axe is as brutal as Godzilla’s Atomic Breath.

Kong has an extraordinary new weapon with an equally interesting origin. This new makeshift axe looks very brutal as it seems to be the only thing to protect Kong from Godzilla’s atomic breath. The action sequence the trailer showed with Kong and his new axe looks stunning. This is probably going to draw more attention to the weapon’s origin.

Kong is now HUGE!!

Kong Is Now HUGE!!!
Kong is now as big as Godzilla.

The movie has very cleverly shown Kong’s growth. In its earlier movies the monster can be seen climbing the Empire State building. While now he can be seen bending in order to reach that building. He is now a massive Titan and looks like Godzilla is up against a tougher opponent.

Watch the trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong here:

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