26 Savage Superman vs Goku Memes That Will Start A War

What happens when two of the most powerful beings in television history meet. Well, things are about to get savage and ugly at the same time. Well, that’s what happened when Superman and Goku met. And thanks to the meme lords of the internet who gave us such awesome scenes to witness.

1. Even the God is Scared of the Saiyyan!


2. That’s how we console our hearts.


3. GOKU knows how to fight in town.

When Goku Fights in city, no building get a scratch. But Superman fights, every building falls

4. It’s time Superman understands!

5. Superman spoke his heart out. Oh, poor Clark.

6. Super Irritated Superman. Hey, that’s funny, right?

7. Sorry Lois, but Clark was so wrong this time.

*Superman Beaten* Fight Goku they said, it'll be fun they said

8.That look! Holy shit! I guess Superman just peed in his pants.

Memes of Superman and Goku


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