Anime and Manga fandom has ever since been working on creating humanly impossible characters. Why? To make the storyline and characters more bold and enticing to tap into wild imaginations.

Well, let’s tap into one such wildly impossible imaginations with the hopes that it would happen.

Today we sift through the abilities and power of two characters from the animated World: Goku from Dragon Ball and Saitama from One Punch Man.

The characters that defied the laws of physics and nature alike in their respective universes’ possessing superhuman powers. 

One of the greatest debates in the anime world is deciding who would win in a fight between villains or heroes. Fans are often curious about how a fight could play out between two universes.

Subsequently, one of the topmost debate floating is deciding who would overpower the other – Goku or Saitama? There are several factors to consider so let’s unveil them!

Understanding Goku and Saitama.

Goku is a descendent of Saiya sent to destroy all beings of Earth. Experiencing a head injury at an early stage made him strip down his intention of destroying Earth and thereby defending it.

A genuinely admirable person, his superhuman strength through years of training is poles apart from his personality. His unparalleled combat skills are a result of his motivation and will to defend the Earth from possible threats.

A person of loving and caring nature on one side and the strongest being on the planet on the other is a rare find in the history of Manga. 

Saitama is a character who is known for his single-punch ending fights. His few strengths and abilities are that of his power-packed punches and extreme reflexes that make him stand out. 

Also, he is not a character of true depth since his strength is all a result of just three years of training, which is bizarre.


GOKU HAS MASTERY IN MARTIAL ARTS:- One-Punch man mentioned that Saitama does not have a clasp on martial arts. On the other hand, this gives Goku an immediate edge at his skills. Goku uses a unique fighting style. Over time, Goku has also learned how to use his ki smartly. Undoubtedly, he bends his techniques intelligently using his previous experience and knowledge through a life of fighting.

ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU IS ON PAR WITH THE GODS:- If both the characters are fighting with their full force then Goku will master Ultra Instinct. Goku uses this technique to show his power on par with the universe’s gods. Expert in martial arts accompanied by mastered ultra instinct, he will probably be using it against Saitama.

GOKU KEEPS ON CHALLENGING HIMSELF:- With smart techniques Goku has gained experience too as he has been fighting his entire life. He keeps himself motivated fighting with strong opponents. During his fighting career, he has experienced wins and losses but subsequently, he has built up physical and emotional stamina. He will carry this stamina throughout his life. Goku’s stamina gives him another edge in this fight with Saitama.


SAITAMA ENDS FIGHT IN ONE PUNCH:- After training relentlessly for three years Saitama has developed himself very strong that he is capable of ending fights in a single punch. Whatever the challenge is, the apprentice hero never seems to suffer any damage. It’s important to notice that he has never used his full strength yet. Following this, he could end the fight against Goku in one punch.

WE HAVE NEVER GOT TO WATCH SAITAMA’S FULL STRENGTH:- Saitama reigns supreme in the One-Punch Man universe. Till now no monster or opponent has led him to show his ultimate strength. We don’t have complete knowledge of how strong Saitama is. He exists as a plot device in his universe. He’s such a force that he can push the story forward without any effort.  This has led us to think the “story” of the fight between Goku and Saitama will make Saitama as strong as he needs to win.

SAITAMA HAS A REASON TO FIGHT:- The base motivation of both of them is sensing how strong they are against each other. In this fight, Saitama will be going to try for the first time and he will come to know what he is really made up of. This fight seems to be of great importance for Saitama.

Zeroing on the likely reasons for a battle.

Battle between Goku and Saitama

Both the fictional stalwarts have superhuman abilities that make them ideal for fighting each other. 

As we said, Goku has years of rigorous training in Martial arts, making him battle-hardened to win any given challenge. Over the years, his ability to master Ki efficiently to deploy it in combat and energy balance is at par with the Gods.

He also has mastered Ultra Instinct, a power that is likely stronger to challenge Beerus and Jiren and defeat them as well. Goku has many pros that highlight him as the perfect personification of a worthy candidate. 

On the other hand, Saitama, colloquially, is a recent surprise element. He also underwent three years of rigorous training to gain superhuman potential.

Here’s to note that he is a human who attained superhuman strength and abilities. Much to everyone’s surprise, he finishes his fights in almost a single punch. A genuinely immense power indeed. 

But do all the listed powers and abilities of Goku and Saitama make them better for each other? 

The clash of the titans if it will prove otherwise. 

Starting with their fundamental reasons to fight in a battle, their perspectives should be looked into. Nonetheless, the underlying motive to fight is the same for both. 

Goku has yearned and devoted his life to eliminating opponents that threaten humankind. It subtly reflects that he loves to challenge and likely defeat opponents only to make him stronger. Also, a fight in his universe would mean that he is entitled to defeat Saitama at all costs. 

Saitama’s motive to fight could not be any simpler. He is just a boring human possessing superhuman power but lacking drive. It is merely because of his “single-punch defeats.” To truly test his abilities, he longs for an opponent as powerful as Goku to extend his punches to more than one. An utterly, deep-rooted instinct to wake him up from his mundaneness. 

On a concluding note, we cannot be sure of who will win the epic battle, if it so happens. But promisingly, it will be a testament of what both characters are made of if they push themselves to their extreme selves. 

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