Goldie Hawn Did Not Let Harvey Weinstein Bully Her When He tried to Rob Her After Signing a Movie Contract: “He basically undermined me and Madonna”

Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced movie producer, is almost certainly going to spend the rest of his days behind bars; and for Goldie Hawn, that’s karma coming full circle. As has been widely reported, Weinstein’s reputation has suffered as a result of multiple accusations of s*xual assault made by a variety of victims dating back decades. As per reports, the 70-year-old will have to serve two distinct sentences.

After being found guilty on three counts of r*pe and s*xual assault, former Hollywood mogul and convicted r*pist Harvey Weinstein was allegedly given a new 16-year prison term in Los Angeles. He was convicted of r*pe and s*xual assault in New York in 2020, where he is currently serving a 23-year sentence. He will now complete both of his sentences consecutively.

The way that Weinstein handled Hawn’s participation in Chicago, the feature film adaptation of the popular Broadway musical, caused her to have her own issues with him. 

Goldie Hawn (Instagram @goldiehawn)
Goldie Hawn (Instagram @goldiehawn)

Hawn joined the project’s production team in the late 1980s with the intention of playing Velma Kelly, one of the leads opposite Madonna. In a recent interview with Variety, Hawn claimed that Weinstein had conned her out of a movie role in the late 1980s. 

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Goldie Hawn Could Have Starred in Chicago 

According to Goldie Hawn, Harvey Weinstein, a convicted r*pist who has been found guilty of his crimes, expelled Goldie Hawn from the Chicago musical. By having the ‘Velma Kelly’ character be written as 23 years old—roughly two decades younger than Hawn at that time—Weinstein reportedly forced her out of the movie. 

As she recalled, “he [Harvey Weinstein] basically undermined me and Madonna.” Hawn and the pop star were slated to be the leads in the musical ChicagoHawn claimed she confronted him when Weinstein ordered a new script, with her character ‘Velma Kelly’ being twenty years younger than she was at the time. 

Goldie Hawn (Instagram @goldiehawn)
Goldie Hawn (Instagram @goldiehawn)

“I said, ‘Don’t f*ck with me. Because I know just what you’re doing. We made a deal.’ You stand up to a bully. And sometimes, you win. You know what the best part of you paying me is? Not the money. You restored my faith in dignity and ethics.”

Even though Weinstein decided against casting Hawn in the part, he did pay her a salary because she agreed to be a part of the film.

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Harvey Weinstein Is ‘Finally Living His Karma’

Despite her laid-back demeanor, Goldie Hawn’s remarks exposed the abusive and deceptive behavior that has long existed in Hollywood, especially at the hands of strong men like Harvey Weinstein.

Hawn referred to Weinstein’s fall from grace as “finally living his karma,” telling Variety that he was now being held accountable for multiple claims of s*xual harassment and assault made by women in the movie business. “I’m not sad. It’s just a fact of life, and we move on.”

According to Weinstein, who will probably spend the rest of his life in prison for s*xual crimes, “acting roles were always chosen based on what was best for the project, artistically and financially.”

For the record, the movie Chicago received 13 Academy Award nominations in all. And in addition to winning Best Picture, it also took awards for Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Sound, and Best Supporting Actress.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

The movie also starred Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Renée Zellweger, Queen Latifah, Christine Baranski,  John C. Reilly, and others. It is still a must-see cinematic extravaganza, featuring electrifying musical numbers, entertaining satire, and plenty of glitz and glamor.

Rob Marshall was the film’s director, and Bill Condon was the man behind the script.

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Source- Variety 

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