Good TV Shows That Become Insanely Better If You Skip The First Season

The first impression is the last. Isn’t it? This might not be the case for all, but for many of us, if the first impression is bad, we tend to stay away. Likewise is the case with TV shows. The first season of any TV show is burdened with the pressure of introducing new characters, storylines, and whatnot! It is responsible for setting the mood of the series for future seasons. AND, it mostly depends on this season the amount of fan following a TV show will have! But sometimes, the first season sucks and the next season is amazing. Well, this can be because the first season has the responsibility of setting the base right. While the other seasons only have the task of taking the storyline forward. Anyway, here’s a list of good TV shows that become insanely better IF you skip the first season.

1. Breaking Bad Picked Up Steam After the First Season

Good TV shows that become better after the first season
TV Show: Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Undoubtedly, Breaking Bad is a series people can binge-watch and won’t get bored! It is full of drama and thrill. The pilot episode of the series was breathtaking. Not just this, the second episode was fabulous too! However, after this, it felt as if the season pushed some brakes. As compared to other seasons, the first season was quite slow. Even if you plan to watch the pilot, second, and the finale episode, you’d be good to go!

2. The Office: It Won’t Harm If You Skip The First Season!

TV shows that become awesome after the first season
TV Show: The Office (2005-2013)

The mockumentary, The Office, the predecessor of a British sitcom, has managed to garner some loyal fans thanks to the brilliant writers and the cast! Oh, thanks to everybody who came together to deliver such a project. But, to be honest, the first season of this series is something you won’t mind skipping. We agree it introduced us to the important characters. However, it didn’t do a good job portraying the character of the World’s Best Boss, Michael Scott. We were introduced to him as a selfish boss with a crack and awkward sense of humor and it wasn’t anything to be happy about. However, in the later seasons, we can see how brilliantly he changes. But if you wish to watch the first season, don’t worry. It just has six episodes!

3. Justified: The First Season Is NOTHING As Compared To The Other Seasons

TV shows that become binge-worthy after the first season
TV Show: Justified (2010-2015)

Some of you might disagree with this. We don’t mean the first season is something you cannot watch. BUT, as compared to what came afterward, this was nothing! Initially, it was more like episodic storytelling. This is the reason why it couldn’t grab many fans. However, when the makers decided to completely serialize the show, the game changed! As we said above, you can watch the first season, but if you wish to skip and get to the good part? You know what to do.

4. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 1 Felt Incomplete Without Danny DeVito

First seasons of TV shows you can skip and be good
TV Show: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005-Present)

Again, we don’t mean the first season was terrible. But isn’t it hard to imagine the gang of the series without the iconic Frank Reynolds played by Danny DeVito? He was introduced in the second season and that is when the series picked up real fast. It is okay if you want to skip the first season since the show isn’t serialized!

5. The Walking Dead Had An Extremely Slow Start

Awesome TV shows that had terrible first seasons
TV Show: The Walking Dead (2010-2022)

If you think The Walking Dead is slow, imagine the first season of it! It is the slowest of them all. Yes, it is about zombies, but come on! They could’ve paced it a little better. Don’t you think? The first season’s job was to introduce the characters and set the base for the future. It sure did that but like a snail. If you still wish to watch the first one, it has only six episodes. Go ahead!

6. Game Of Thrones Season 1 Fails To Impress

Amazing TV Shows that pick up after their first seasons
TV Show: Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

It is a fact that Game of Thrones became a massive hit, but with time. When it first aired, it didn’t instantly hit off. Let us all admit that the first season of the series was indeed boring. It did try to set the tone for the future seasons, but it’s just too boring to sit and watch. Maybe because the Stark children were too young to keep you intrigued!

7. Parks And Recreation Season 1 Felt As If The Makers Had No Idea What They Were Doing!

Good TV Shows that get better after the first season
TV Show: Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

Parks and Recreation is a fan-favorite sitcom. But was it always? No. If you watch the first season, you’d be like what were the makers trying to do? To be honest, it is completely fine if you wish to skip the first season and hop onto the second. Moreover, most of the first season was scrapped. So don’t worry about not knowing the characters and plot. You’ll be fine!

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